Sprint Kills Unlimited Mobile Hotspot/Phone as Modem Data

Sprint ADD ONSprint claims to be the only carrier with truly unlimited data however, they are now enforcing usage limits on tethering devices, called "Mobile Hotspot and Phone as Modem" add-on charges.

This month Sprint began sending emails  and text messages to users warning informing that enforcement would begin this month. Some customers had unlimited mobile hotspots for $30 a month.

Sprint claims that previously Sprint did not have the tool to monitor mobile hotspot and tethering services.

A Sprint spokeswoman told Fierce broadband wireless that "Customers with the mobile hotspot and phone-as-a-modem add-on plan have always had a 5 GB limit. The issue was Sprint did not have the capability to enforce that, meaning we weren't tracking it... we now know when customers reach their limits."

Smartphone-only data remains unlimited.  Some are worried that due to iPhone subsidies and LTE network building costs that Sprint will eventually smartphone data too.

What previously happened with other carriers is that unlimited data was hacked away in small bits.  Sprint users enjoy your data while you can.

Verizon Wireless, will continue to grandfather and subsidize new smartphone contracts until June 28 when it starts its "Share Everything Plan."