VZW New Metros B4 Samsung Galaxy S3 & Droid Incredible 4G LTE Release Dates?

Droid Incredible 4G LTE vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Verizon Wireless is busy rolling out  4G LTE markets some are recently live while others may or may not be live in time for the Droid Incredible 4G LTE or Samsung Galaxy S III.

The following 4G LTE metros went live recently and will surely be ready for the Droid Incredible 4G LTE or Samsung Galaxy S III when they are released:

  • Florida - Panama City, Palm Beach, Alachua, Volusia and Flager counties.
  • Idaho/Eastern Oregon  - along Snake River from the Nyssa Valley to the Weiser Valley, including Ontario and Payette, Blackfoot from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation north to Shelley, near the Bingham County line.
  • Texas (Central)\ Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville, McAllen, Marshall, Longview, Tyler, Big Spring, Paris, Temple/Killeen New Braunfels, Midland, Waco, San Angelo.
  • Mass - Billerica, enhanced coverage in Southeastern Mass, Weston.
  • Connecticut - Windsor Locks.
  • New Hampshire - Hollis.

We're starting to reach the lines of demarcation for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III and Droid incredible 4G LTE by June 21.

You may wonder what's all the fuss about release dates about?  Well, Verizon announced that it will sunset its present unlimited data plans with smartphone upgrades this summer.  The only way to keep your unlimited data plan, then, will be by paying full retail price for the smartphone, after data plans go share.

Verizon Wireless  has put forth for quite some time that data plans will go to a sharing option. Earlier this week, Verizon Wireless ended its 4G LTE double data deal.  Those who preorder the Samsung Galaxy S3 who have unlimited data, now can keep their unlimited data, Verizon confirmed.  There is no exact date, yet for the changeover to shared data.  However, Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney said the Verizon will keep its customers informed of the change of plans.

Therefore, those who are in the market for smartphone in the early summer are trying to make the best decision before the data plans change.  Those who have contracts ending from the original Droid Incredible in 2010 may like to stay with the HTC Sense UI and the Droid Incredible 4G LTE  that is expected to cost $149.99.  Those who want a bigger phabuolous phablet may prefer the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $199.99.

The Samsung Galaxy S3  is already on presale, but Verizon hasn't announced an actual release date.  Sprint and AT&T have announced a June 21 releases with some rumors of a June 18th ship date.  There are two conflicting reports of June 28 ship date from Best Buy and July 9th release date from Verizon.  The following markets that go live June 21, should be able to office service for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The most lauded features from reviewers of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 were its Super AMOLED touchscreen, voice features, Android 4.0 ICS and more with an estimated U.S. rating of 4.33 out of 5.

Meanwhile the launch of the Droid incredible 4G LTE remains elusive, with some speculating that it was caught in customs due to an ITC order.  The Droid Incredible 4G LTE was announced in early May and is the successor to the Droid Incredible line. One rumor slated the release date as June 21, then all the following markets will be live by then.

 June 21, Verizon 4G LTE Markets Live:

  • Pennsylvania - Sharon, Bedford.
  • North Carolina - Jacksonville, New Bern, Burlington, more of Charlotte, Hickory.
  • Indiana - Hoosier Cities( Seymour, Columbus).
  • Michigan- Traverse City.
  • South Carolina - Greenwood, Anderson.

Most the following markets will offer service for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Droid incredible 4G, once they are released.

4G LTE Markets in the Coming Weeks:

  • Indiana & Pennsylvania - Indiana Armagh, Clymer, Marchand, Marion Center, New Florence and Strongstown.
  • Missouri - Springfield, West Plains and Surrounding Towns, Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarks.
  • Georgia - Gainsville.
  • Wyoming - Gillette.
A leaked video shows the Droid Incredible 4G LTE shows a speed test  with a top  download speed of over 12Mbps  so it does exist, the question is when...

Then down the Verizon release path will be a 4G LTE-enabled iPhone in the fall, no one knows, yet what kinds of data plans will be offered by Verizon Wireless, then.