Top Best Smartphones - iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) vs Droid RAZR M HD/MAXX & HTC One S | Deals & Release Dates

Top Best SmartphonesAs the world waits to find out about the actual facts abour the iPhone 5 release, specs and details. We're coming to the smartphone buying season over through the holidays.  It has gotten very confusing and harder than chosing only one pair of shoes to travel around the world throughout all climates.  Do you go for comfort, style, speed or technical details?  What smartphone will be the right fight for you?

When I'm out in public, people asked me what is the best smartphone and I reply it depends what you need.  We've boiled down the major attributes for each of the top best smartphones this fall to just one factor for each device:

      • Best Battery Life - There is no denying that the Droid RAZR MAXX HD  will stay alive with more battery life than any other power eater. An exclusive to Verizon Wireless this ginormous HD smartphone will be easy to read and watch HD videos. The next best battery life is the well-reviewed original Droid RAZR MAXX. Release Date: Novemberish.
      • Best Big Screen in Little Package - The Droid RAZR M that fits in a hand and still overs a 4.3" will be hands down the favorite. Release Date: This Thursday, September 13.
      • Best Deal with Sharing  & Parties (AT&T, VZW & T-Mobile) - Samsung frequently invites Samsung Galaxy S III  owners to exclusive parties with wireless drink ordering and celebrity entertainment.  Amazon.com for a short time has dropped the price fore Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) Review of Reviews Verizon vs AT&T v. Sprint v. T Mobile   Best Bets/Deals 16GB model in all colors from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless to only $99 for new individual and family accounts.  Launched in June there have been over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones sold worldwide.  Reviewers raved over the gorgeous 4.8" Super AMOLED touchscreen, S Beam, faster processor, Android 4.0 ICS, new camera tricks and nifty new software. The best deal we can find from T-Mobile is $199.99 with a new contract from Wirefly .
      • Best Cheapest Powerhouse with Unlimited Data Deal - When  T-Mobile launched its new unlimited data plan it reduced the price of the HTC One S to free, currently the web-only discount for the HTC One S is $49.99 until 9/23 which is an excellent deal.  T-Mobile does not cut the prices of its smartphones as much as other carriers.
      • Best Smartphone for Photographers, Wireless Charging  & Bright People -the Pure View technology in Nokia Lumia 920, makes it a great choice for photographers(good or bad because of  image stabilization. It also offers wireless charging and very bright colors.  An added benefit is integration with SkyDrive and Windows products that makes it very appealing to enterprise users.
      • Best Known & Recognized -  No matter what Apple has for the new iPhone 5, wherever you go, people will recognize the iPhone and you for having an iPhone. Barring price, major drawbacks to purchase are its high theft rate(with high resale value) and inability to remove the battery.  If you are feeling a little crazy see iBogacious things you can do with your old iPhone or compare the iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy S III.)

In reality, all best smartphones will only be best for a few months until something newer, smarter and better comes out.  If you old original RAZR is still working and have no need to carry around a mini-computer with yo whearever you go, you should be fine. The original RAZR was the best cell phone many years ago and it is still the best for those who just want to make phone calls.

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  1. It's kind of like a hair style, today, no hair style is perfect, but some people love the Justin Bieber Bob.

  2. Hey what's up? There is no BlackBerry in the bunch and nothing with a keyboard. What about us CrackBerries?

  3. No matter what any one else makes, your first is always, your best.....
    iPhone is the sexiest, ever.

  4. Just think what smartphones will be like in twenty years, the iPhone 5 will look like a Model T.

  5. If you look at the top phones they are all cheaper and bigger than the iPhone. Why pay more money for a one bedroom apartment when you can get a whole house for less?

  6. The market is getting more fragmented. With the new Verizon plans people don’t want to give up their unlimited plans so they are keeping their smartphones longer.

    Once the carriers stop subsidizing smartphones, there won’t be a lot of people who will pay $700 for an iPhone, even if it has a 4? screen.

  7. Like I told you so, "The iPhone 5 is going to turn the Samsung Galaxy into a black hole and take the hole market."

  8. The iPhone is so 2007. There's got to be a better way. The glass breaks, the apps are boring and my Grandma has one.

  9. Whatever they release the iPhone can't touch my original RAZR, it was thin and sleek and still works today even after it flew out the car windows... One drop and your iPhone is a gonner.

  10. You guys should really do more research. The Galaxy S3 was on sale for $99 with contract the other day on T-mobile's website too. They often have online and midnight sales and it was on sale thru midnight for that price too with a new contract...THey also have promotions often waiving the $35 activation prices but you have to check often - theyre not as smart as amazon with their PR

  11. Android smartphones worth nothing. The SG S@ for 99 dollars and it hasn't been out 6 months yet. The same price 4 year-old iPhone sells for.

    • Yeah, the old iPhone is the same price. By means, keep paying what iPhone wants you to pay, for devices that do the same thing. How much as iPhone changed in that time, not much. And yet, the lemmings will keep paying a premium.

  12. as far as i know the best looking smartphones are iphone 5(leaked pictures)and nokia lumia 920

  13. Anyone who is thinking of buying the HTC One S, i urge you to visit this website:


    ... or just google 'HTC One S home screen button problem'.

    I have had two handsets, both have been affected by this problem. The phone become unusable in low signal areas. Hundreds of others have been affected but HTC has done nothing about it.

    Please look in to this before buying the phone. I wish I had!

  14. Iphone 5 has a new app called Recycle. The App reminds you when to recycle or upgrade to new iphone

  15. I think the smartest phone is landline, because I can drop it, it doesn't break and use it in the Jacuzzi.

  16. Who really cares, it just a phone. People who worry about the iPhone 5 do so because they don't have lives. They look at the little screen all day and think its more important than people.

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