iPhone 6/5S Specs Speculated 4 Franken-iPhone Cheapie - Decline of the iPhone 5 Empire?

The Decline and Fall of the iPhone 5 EmpireWhile all the 'other guys" at CES were trying to get attention being the most powerful, largest and thinnest, Apple fans wanted to know what the big Apple plans and how the iconic iPhone is doing. There was wrath of  news/rumors then denied and un-denied.

The Wall Street Journal reported that there has been a "weaker" demand for the iPhone 5 and the Apple is lowering the numbers for orders for components such as touchscreens from suppliers.

The Wall Street Journal "confirmed" that Apple could have plans to launch a low-cost iPhone in the second half of 2013.  This kind of rumor has been circulating for some time.  The new budget iPhone according to WSJ will have a polycarbonate shell at lower the price. Other sources suggested it could be a Franken-iPhone made from recycled or left over parts with new colors.

As the size of screens grow as large as 6.1 inches at CES another report from DigiTimes suggested that the Apple's next iPhone will have bigger screen. The report also noted that the latest Snapdragon chipsets from Qualcomm may help Apple make a lower-cost iPhone.

Reuters retracted a story on Friday that reported that Apple marketing manager Phil Schiller denied the  that Apple was developing a a cheaper iPhone. Reuters concluded that the Shanghai Evening Post was, in fact not a credible source.

After the interview with Phil Schiller appeared, Apple contacted the Shanghai Evening Post and asked that the story to be changed. In the fixed story, Schiller was quoted as saying, "We will not discuss plans for future products"

Some contend there will be an iPhone 6 with iOS 7 and a so-called iPhone 5s will have a lower price point.

Usually, Apple makes its announcements at WWDC in June or during its own hosted events in Silicon Valley.

Improvements in the past came in small well-tested increments, The bigger iPhone 6 may not grow to 6" but could have more pixels.  Only time will tell. The only thing we can know for sure is that every time Apple introduces a new iPhone, it sells like iPhones for a while at least.


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  1. Samsung is bringing democracy to the smartphone republic. There will be no more Caesars. We have come to bury Caesar not to praise him.

  2. But, for my own part, it was Greek to me. Yes there may be a few foibles, but Apple will reign supreme.

  3. I love your writing, these people take the business too seriously.

    I never thought of the mobile business as a Shakeperan tragedy.

    You got in some really funny digs....you're such a cut-up.

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