Motorola X Phone Hiring Slip: Nexus 4 Speculation?

Linkedin XPhone JobWhoops, human resources can't keep a secret at Motorola.  A job listing on Linkedin let slip a position in Sunnyvale for Sr. Director Product Management, X-Phone confirming the Motorola is working on something int he future called the X-Phone.  We'll need the X-Men to find our more about the specs of the Android smartphone though.

The headline of the job offering that has now been pulled is "Next Generation SmartPhone Platform," discovered by Phandroid.

Ahah! So X-Phone may not be a name of a phone but a whole platform like Windows Phone. Many believe that since there is no senior product manager for the X Phone, yet it may indicate that an X Phone is way down the line.  In fact , when Google bought Motorola it was obligated to continue the production cycle of phones already in the pipeline to completion.

Nothing else is really important except for a lot of actions verbs, lead teams, collaborate, manage, create, develop, and  communicate with organization.

The job requires 6 to 10 years experience in product or technology management and a BA or BS in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent.

What we find interesting as word people is that the "P" in smartphone is capitalized and  X-Phone is hyphenated. Hyphenation left technology words in the late 90s when people started removing the-from e-mail which fairly quickly became email.  People don't like having to press the shift key to get a dash, therefore over time the hyphen is removed.

Who ever listed the ad probably didn't really check the names or spelling, Motorola doesn't currently have any pro products with a hyphen in the name.

Even though the product does not have a product manager some reporters are speculating that Google has plans to release an "X Phone" this summer under the Nexus Brand.  It will be an opportunity to change the balance of smartphone power, make a big splash with a 5 inch screen, edge to edge glass and an X-Men style assault on Samsung Galaxy S 4, Nexus 4 and iPhone 5/5S.