Samsung Galaxy S4 (IV) Features, Leaks, S Pen, Keyboard -Hands-on?

Samsung Galaxy SIV notThe Samsung Galaxy SIII created more buzz in 2012 than any other smartphone including the iPhone 5 and was named the best smartphone of  the year. They called it and the Samsung Galaxy Note II the Next Big Thing.  So what will be the next Next Big Thing for 2013? What is Samsung conjuring for the Samsung Galaxy S IV and beyond?

The conjecturatti and bogusazzi are churning  out rumors in old and new forms. This is the first time, we've seen a movie made with a disclaimer saying that it was a depiction/render and still people watch and believe it to the tune of over three million YouTube viewers.  There are some Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors that could be true.  (video follows)

A YouTube video shows(which follows) a fake Samsung Galaxy S IV, fake thin framework and fake projected keyboard.  It's called a "Hands-on First Look (Render).  The rendering from a team's imagination. It's made to look like it's from Samsung but  it's not, it was produced by a company in Russia. Does it have the signature Samsung music? No its the Christmas carol, "The First Noel."  Here's what we got from the original article and Google Translate.

It was on this occasion, we have created a movie with a good graphics based on the drawings that have been submitted to us by an anonymous source. We do not know whether drawings, but the idea we have to realize we are satisfied and the result: Galaxy S4 can be like this, it's not possible!"

Externally, the device resembles a younger model, except for the screen size (about 5 inches) and, according to our source, the quality of the manufactured display much higher and the build system is not easier than the iPhone 5. The display covers nearly the entire front of the phone and the front looks like the back cover of the latest model iPhone.

The YouTube text description, claims it the world first video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 with a laser keyboard.

It is sponsored by an electronics and accessories re-seller.  Calm down people they are paying Christmas music in the background the "First Noel", Samsung would never do that. They also credit  the build of the leaked drafts  to human's name, Taemin Lee.

If you remember the Samsung Galaxy S III, there were several dummy units and three different sets of engineers working on the project.  If there is a Taemin Lee, than he's in a lot of trouble, because the engineers can't even tell their families what they are doing

Those in the movie industry will be able to see how the special effects are done.

How do we know its fake?  Because they say so and  the credits are given to the director, 3D graphics designer and cameraman.  If you are shooting a real Samsung Galaxy S IV you don't need a 3D graphics  designer.

So lets look at features and then see if they are in realm of possibilities for the Samsung Galaxy S IV that are shown in the video:

  • Quad-core processor -  since the Samsung Galaxy Note II and many top of the line smartphones are coming with quad-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy S IV will most likely have a quad-core processor.
  • Full HD Screen Super AMOLED 1920x1080 pixel- probably likely Samsung in the past takes its products to limit of the spectrum. The Droid DNA has this and a 5" inch screen.  A 5" screen could also be possible.
  • Thinner body - thinner than Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 quite possible, battery life is and technology is getting better all the time.
  • Lightest and more powerful - any one can claim that for a while.  In fact let's throw the next next big thing claim too.
  • Samsung Galaxy Style Graphics - of course we can expect the graphics  to look similar to other Galaxy S logos and models.
  • Android Key Lime Pie - since Google has not announced Key Lime Pie, or named Android 5.0, this one goes into the conjecturatti files.
  • Laser Keyboard - technology already exists for this, but is not practical enough, an S Pen is easier to use and more portable.  It could be something an engineer would suggest for add-on.  Samsung sells millions of phone to add a costly accessory that has to be engineered from scratch could be profit eater.  Then you have supply software and ecosystem to support learning.  It's not something you can use in your.

Other recent Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors:

S Pen - This is not in the Russian video but has been popping up lately Maybe.  One of the neatest features of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Note @ is the S Pen which can do amazing things.  Our editor was able to write an entire article on the Samsung Galaxy Note at the beach. Samsung has been keen on differentiating itself from its competitors.  What could Samsung do to blow away the competition for next year? An S Pen could be a possibility since they already have the software running on a similar device.

If  the S4 is thinner it's harder to put the S Pen inside the body.  Samsung found that people like a thicker S Pen. S Pens that are not stored in the body get lost and make the design look funny.

So what do we know for sure?  Samsung generally releases its latest Galaxy S models in May/June.  Some rumors are now saying April, close enough.

Samsung goes to great lengths to keep the development of the Samsung Galaxy S III secret including separate labs, prototypes kept in security boxes when moved and three different prototypes to avoid design leaks.  Samsung employees were sworn to secrecy and couldn't even tell family members what phone they were working on. If Taemin Lee opened his big mouth, he's in the next big trouble.

There were absolutely no photos, or videos leaked of the Samsung Galaxy S III. But you can't stop the conjecturatti,  they'll just make it up with 3D Graphics.  It will be interesting see what "news media" report the video as the truth.

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  1. I've seen similar iPhone 6 bogus videos. Aren't they infringing upon Samsung's Trademarks?

  2. I love your sense of irony and humor. Thanks for the great laugh.

    My contract isn't up in time for the S IV, I'm up for the Samsung Galaxy S V!

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