Chips 4 BlackBerry Z10 Samsung vs Galaxy S3 (III) Inside Story

BlackBerry Z10 circuitsIt looks like the insides of the BlackBerry Z10 look a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S III, the top smartphone of 2012.  A teardown shows that many BlackBerry Z10 components are the same as the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The Parts the BlackBerry Z10 Shares with the Samsung Galaxy S III are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III and the Blackberry Z10 is powered by the 1.5GHz  MSM8960 baseband/applications processor. The MSM8960 integrates a multi-mode 3G/LTE modem while incorporating two asynchronous CPU cores and the Adreno 225 GPU for the applications side of the processor.
  • The PM8921 power management IC is also found in the Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
  • Thee RTR8600 multi-mode transceiver and GPS, also found in the 4th generation iPad.
  • Qualcomm’s WCD9310 audio codec.

The BlackBerry Z10 has Samsung RAM 2 GB of Low Power DDR2 SDRAM, and a multichip memory package labeled KLMAG2GE4A that houses 16 GB of MLC NAND Flash and a memory controller reported UBM TechInsights.

So then how does the BlackBerry Z10 compare to the Samsung Galaxy S III?  The screen of the Z10 is smaller but has more pixels (356 ppi) .  The new BlackBerry software is designed to separate work and personal lives. Both have 8MP cameras and similar chips. The BlackBerry touchscreen keyboard is supposed to be fantastic.

Many Samsung fans who own the Samsung Galaxy S II are waiting to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S IV.  We suspect that the next Samsung Galaxy will have an even faster processor, more memory and features.

If you don't decide on the hardware, what does matter?  BlackBerry is represented by Alicia Keys while Samsung has LeBron James, Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd in their commercials.

As more and more people buy their second, third or even fourth smartphone it will become a personal preference. We'll have a BlackBerry Z10 review when it is closer to the release date in the United States.