WNiR iPhone News: 4.5" iPhone 5s/6, Release Date, New App Updates

WNiR iPhonephenonenalWelcome to o WiMo News iPhonephenomenal Report (WNiR), covering everything iPhone and all the phenomena surrounding the iPhone including new iPhone rumors, today.

  • iPhone 5s/6  4.5" in 2014 - the latest rumor about the cheaper iPhone is that it will have a polycarbonate body (similar to the material used in MacBook laptops) and a 4.5" touchscreen.  This new model reportedly will be coming out in 2014 and be a little thicker than current iPhone models and sell for around $330. This rumor does not say that it is an Franken-iPhone made of all iPod touch parts.
  • Photoshop Touch Touches iPhone/iOS - Adobe Photoshop Touch is now available for iPhone users. It allows users to edit photographs, apply graphics, add effects, create edges and comes with 2GB of Adobe Cloud storage. It is available in the app store for $5.00.  An Android version is also being sold in Google Play.
  • iTunes U for Me? - Apple's iTunes U education service has logged more than one billion downloads from users. It offers free educational content leading schools, esteemed academic libraries, museums and other educational organizations.Knuckle iPhone Case
  • iPhone Leap 2 Cricket Crooked?- Cricket Wireless reported that is behind on its iPhone sales. Leap said it expects to sell significantly fewer (50%)  iPhones than the number it’s obligated to move over the first year of its agreement with Apple.  Cricket could be in big trouble. If required to purchase the minimum order, it could cost over $100 million.  The iPhone price starts at $449.99. This lead some analysts to contend Apple should make a cheaper iPhone.
  • Knuckle iPhone Case Banned for Knuckle Heads? - An iPhone case that ads "metal knuckles" to the iPhone has been banned for sale on eBay, because it could be used as weapon.  The celebrity iPhones of Alicia Keys (BlackBerry spokesmodel) Rihanna and Nicky Hilton have been dress in this Mafia hit. The seller said "They're really stylish but because they're shaped like a knuckle duster they're classed as a weapon." Plastic versions are still on sale.
  • Cheap iPhone Replacement Parts Scams - Use of fake low-quality parts to fix iPhones is rampant.  Non-original parts will have a thicker bezel adding  considerable bulk to the top of the phone, the color replication will also not be as vivid as one would expect from a Retina display. Many fake screens lack the oleophobic coating making cleaning  difficult. Criminals also buy new iPhones, steal the parts, put cheap parts inside and then return them to Apple for warranty service.
  • NFC 4 iPhones - Incipio and DeviceFidelity announced of premium NFC enabled accessory products for iOS based devices including CashWrap cases to run NFC based tag reading, writing and wallet apps for mobile  payments. Available in the second quarter of this year.
  • YoutTube iPhone 2 TV - Google's YouTube app has been updated to connect your  iPhone/iPad  with Google-TV enabled TVs, making it possible to play and control video from the app on your television set.
  • iOS Update  6.1.3 Sends Back 2 Jail - Once Apple updates its OS to iOS 6.1.3, it will break Jailbreaks. One creator of the iPhone 5 jailbreak, David Wang, said that the developer version of the patch eliminates one of the five bugs necessary for the evasi0n jailbreak to run.