Odin Mobile Launches for Blind & People with Impaired Vision

Beginning in July, Odin Mobile will offer cell phone service for blind persons and people who visually impaired, including innovative accessible handsets.  The Odin wireless service uses the T-Mobile network.

Adaptive handsets include the RAY Huawei Vision ($299.99)that offers eye-free operation, voice calling , SMS, contacts, calendar, GPS, voice recorder, emergency calling and audio books.

Odin Mobile for Blind and People with Impaired VisionOdin Mobile will also offer great mobile phones for those persons who are visually impaired and simply want to make calls and text message.  These mobile phones, manufactured by Emporia, will be extremely easy to use and have numerous accessibility features, including buttons and functions that "speak" and a high contrast display. The Emporia Essence sells for $49 and Emporia Click for $73.

Plans start at $10 for 150 minutes and 150 text messages per month. $15 includes 350 minutes and 350 text message per month.  For $25, 750/minutes/texts , $35, 1150/minutes/text and $45 4000/minutes/texts.

Odin Mobile contributes two percent of its revenue from its voice and text messaging plans to organizations dedicated to improving the lives of the visually impaired

Customer support will include sending user guides to each of its customers via email in Word and HTML formats and providing customer support that is expert in the accessibility features of its phones.

Another option for those with Android or iPhone devices is the Fleksy app that makes it possible to type accurately without even looking at the screen by using predictive text and audio.