Nokia Lumia vs iPhone & Windows vs iPad---the Winner is....

When the hip iPhone guy bashed the Windows guy, it worked.  Now Microsoft is fighting back with ads that point out the foibles of iPhone/Android camera, iPads vs notebooks, and iPad's Siri vs Windows RT.

A YouTube user concluded, "Windows beats Mac. Surface beats iPad. Windows Phone beats iPhone. Windows is the best!"

Nokia Lumia 1020 Wins at School Play

At a kids show we see the old-iFartness iPhone lady and Android nerd along with other smartphone parents fighting to get to the front for a close up, while the Nokia Lumia 1020 parents don't to move closer for a close-up because the 41MP camera has a great optical zoom lens.

Some of the same characters are the same old-iPhone lady and Android nut in the Lumia 920 commercial at the wedding.

Iconia W3 vs iPad mini - W3 Wins for MS Office.

The Windows tablet Iconia W3 is not liked by iPad mini's Siri, because it has multitasking, games and Microsoft Office apps. It's also cheaper the 32 GB iPad mini  costs $429 while the 32GB Acer Iconia W3 costs $299.

Surface RT vs iPad

Oh no, here we go again, I don't have USB port, or keyboard. This is going to end well for me,"  says Siri. The 32GB iPad costs $599 and the 32G Surface RT costs $349 without a keyboard.

Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone Rigged for Low-Light vs iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4

Windows Phone set up a rig to show that the Nokia Lumia 928  that the it is the best low light smartphone.

Lenovo Yoga vs. iPad: College

Students find it impossible to take quick notes on iPad without a keyboard attached while the Lenovo Yoga use has Zen-like peace of mind.

So what is the bottom line?  The advertising is appealing, however sales figures still show, iPhone and Android ruling smartphone sales. Windows phone grew to 4% of sales up from 1%, last year.

Tablet sales have slowed while buyers wait for the new iPad which dominates tablet sales all over the world.