Best Cell Phone Deal Live Buy Samsung Galaxy S 5 (GS5) $1 B4 Black Friday

BlackFridayCyberMondaydeals2104Best Buy gave us a preview of its best Black Friday and Thanksgiving deals and now we have something to be really thankful for.  Best Buy is really living up to its name on the cheapest deal we've seen an the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other great cell phone deals.

The legendary $1 of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 with a two year contract is now live on Sunday November 23, giving cell phone buyers the opportunity to spend the holiday with their families instead of at Best Buy that opens at 5:00 pm on Thanksgiving.

Update 11/24/2014: Once again we saw that Best Buy will offer the iPhone 6 with a contract for $99 on Black Friday only.  We will let you know when it goes live.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 is one dollar with a two year agreement for any major carrier (AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint) when you commit to a two year plan..  The Samsung Galaxy S5 has received excellent reviews for its  fast quad-core processor, brilliant 5.1" touchscreen, great camera features and smooth interface. It received review rankings of 4.5 stars. Originally reviewer thought it cost too much, now with this Best Buy deal it is much more affordable. Samsung has a great reputation and this new model now has a fingerprint scanner. If you want the best deal for T-Mobile for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with monthly payments it's from T-Mobile with $150 off

We have not seen such a nice price drop on the Samsung Galaxy S 5, all year.

We have also learned that the iPhone 6 iconprice will be slashed to $99 with a two-year contract. The price for the latest iPhone 6 with a 4.7" screen is usually, $199 with a contract or $650 without a contract. We have not been able to determine when the link will go live. This model increased the size of the iPhone and adds Apple Pay and other features such as the new 8MP iSight camera and iCloud.

The other great deal coming down the road for Black Friday, starting Thursday, is the iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) with $100 off the retail price.

In the meantime, we saw price reductions of $80 on the iPad Air were live for three days, ending Saturday.  Shop iPhone6  and iPad Air 2 deals  at Best Buy. The best things about the Best Buy deals is that you can ask for a price match if you see a lower price from competitors.  However we think that no other store will have prices for the aforementioned wireless and tablet deals with such great online conveniences.  Waiting in line at a store can take several hours and here you ares saving not only time but also saving money.

iconVirgin Mobile is running an excellent deal on the Samsung Galaxy S5 also with very low monthly rate plans.

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