Best Cheapest Prepaid Virgin Mobile, Boost & Straight Talk Black Friday, Cyber Monday - Week Deals for SG5 & More

BlackFridayCyberMondaydeals2104We started out with a huge article about pre-Black Friday through Cyber Monday/Week deals for all wireless carriers and then realized that it may be better to separate the prepaid deals for Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk Wireless from the deals for Best Buy and major carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Be sure to check all our Black Friday through Cyber Monday -week deals, we will add more daily. In our opinion, you can get better deals online if you factor in your gas mileage, time waiting in line and of course your sanity.  Some carriers, especially prepaid wireless deals are often better online.  Boost has upped its data in time the holidays, while Virgin Mobile has a comparison calculate and Straight Talk continues with good basic deals with not a lot of frills.


  Virgin Mobile 25-30% Off as Much as $150 Off for Black Friday and Beyond

For the Virigin Mobile offers plans starting at $20/month. Their plans are geared for lighter data users who want cheaper monthly deals. The plan that is the most appealing is $35 a month for a Samsung Galaxy S5 with 2.5 GB of data per month with unlimited text messages and 300 minutes for people who don't talk much or 250MB of data unlimited talk and text. The twenty-dollar plan is Wi-Fi data only unlimited text and 300 voice minutes. For $45 a month, on Virgin mobile you get unlimited voice, text and 1GB of high-speed data. The $55 a month plan adds 2GB of data to the $45 plan.  Virgin now has cost comparison tool so that you can compare the total cost of owning the phone over AT&T, Boost, Cricket, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, MetroPCS and Verizon Wireless for heavy data users who need unlimited talk minutes Boost Mobile sometimes is the better deal. There are no cost comparisons with Sprint.

  • $20 - Wi-Fi only, unlimited texts and 300 voice minutes.
  • $35 - 2.5 GB data, unlimited texts and 300 voice minutes or
  • $35 - 25oMB data, unlimited texts and unlimited voice.
  • $45 - 1 GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited voice.
  • $55 - 3 GB data unlimited texts and unlimited voice.

 Virgin Mobile usually cuts prices on major phone releases the lowest of the season  this year we are seeing a theme of 25% of newer model smartphones with more off more basic smartphone. We are seeing savings of as much as 30% off some  iPhones.

      •  25% Off the Samsung Galaxy S5  with a list price of $599 that's close to $150 off. This is the top of line Samsung smartphone with a 5.1" HD display, 16MP camera, S Health and other high-end features such as  dust proof and water resistance. This deal is now live and many of our readers have already have gotten the deal
      • Get 25% Off the HTC Desire 816 -the phone has a 5.5" touchscreen and 13 MP camera and HTC BoomSound. The usual price for this huge smartphone is $299.00, the discount is equal to around $75 off which is an excellent discount with a price at $224.99
      • Get $100 Off the HTC Desire 4G LTE- it features 4.5 sceen HTC BoomSound,- dual front-facing stereo speakers with built-in amps, FM radio and 5MP camera. We checked and it actually showing $100 off the list price of $299, making it $199. This is a very powerful phone similar in some aspects to the HTC One with just  few features lower specs. It is still a very good deal. BlinkFeed lets you build your own personal home screen populating it with information and updates you want.  This deal may end or switch to 25% off.
      • Get $100 off Virgin Mobile Supreme  5-inch touchscreen and a 13MP camera with HD video recorder for $199.99 the MSRP is $299.99.
      • Until November 23 -  25% Off the Kyocera Hydro Vibe this smartphone has water-proof features at 4.5" impact resistant touchscreen,    Normally $149.99 your savings will be around $37.50.
      • Ends November 23 -25% Off the LG Optimus F3 - features a dual-core processor, 5MP camera 4" touchscreen and Quick Memo. The usual price is $129.99 your saving will be around $32.50, making the phone less than $100.
      • Ends 11/23 25% Off the Samsung Galaxy SIII - this was the best smartphone of the year a few years ago and still packs powerful features such as a 8MP camera, S Beam, 4.8" touchscreen and microSD card slot. The discount slashes the price from $249.99 to $187.79 saving $62.50.
      • Ends December 1 - 25% Off the Samsung Galaxy Ring- this economoy model is 3G only has a 4" touchscreen, 5MP camera usually priced at $149.99 it is reduced to $122.49.

Boost Mobile Boast Boosts in Data with Lots of Freakin' Data and $35 to $40 Off Phones

 Boost Mobile Plans has doubled its data in its freakin' lots of data deals that must be activated by January 5, 2015.  The only thing you have to be aware of  with all the data is that Boost may throttle video viewing to 3G speeds. Still with the top deal at $50 a month with unlimited voice and text with 10GB of data its more than most people need.

Here's a run down of the new double Data Boost Plans that must be activated by January 5, 2015

  • $55 a month 10GB high-speed data unlimited voice and texts.
  • $45 a month 5GB high-speed data unlimited voice and texts.
  • $35 a month 1GB high-speed data unlimited voice and texts.

Phone deals from Boost Mobile Pre-Black Friday, Thanksgiving Thursday and Cyber Monday average around $35 off or up tot a $50 account cred.

Virgin Mobile vs Boost Mobile

Virgin Mobile over this holiday buying season discount the phones slightly more than Boost Mobile.  The best Virgin Mobile deal by far is 25% Off the Samsung Galaxy S5 .  Boost Mobile is geared towards heavy data users, people who play mobile games, use their phone as the only source of Internet search and use the Internet for everything including calendars. Boost Mobile users typically have email on their phones.  Virgin Mobile is geared towards talkers with average data use or non-talkers who use more data. With Virgin Mobile you can only use a Virgin Mobile smartphone, it will now work with other carrier-branded smartphones.

  Straight Talk Deals

Although Straight never revels its carriers many believe that they use either the AT&T or T-Mobile network. Which service available depends upon your zip code.  We have heard good things about their service.  You get unlimited talk, texta dn 3GB of high speed data equal to downloading 750 songs or 25 hours of standard video streaming after 3GB of data use the data is witched to 3G speeds.

Get a FREE Samsung Phone with an unlimited plan purchase or you can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $279.99 from Straight Talk Wirelesswhich they claim is the lowest price ever offered for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

      • All phones over $29.99 have free over night shipping until 12/19/2014.

This year Wireless and Mobile News is listing deals as far as in advance as we can to enable you to plan the best deals around your dinner or time with your family.

 Update November 23, 2014:The incredible Samsung Galaxy S5 for $1 deal is now live at Best Buy for Black Friday 2014. iPad Air 2 deals are coming and we suspect that will sell out quickly. T-Mobile started its deals. Verizon deals are on the horizon. AT&T has not announced its daily deals. However, Sprint has some new deals ready