Samsung ATIV Odyessy Demo by Albert Aydin @ Verizon

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

Samsung ATIV OdysseyAfter five years of only knowing Verizon public relations reps over the phone it was a delight to meet Verizon spokespeople Albert Aydin and Brenda Raney.  Aydin gave a tour of some of the latest devices.  Here's his demo of the features and simplicity of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey.

In this video, I was looking more at Aydin than the ATIV, but it shows enough of the features to give you an idea of what the Samsung Odessy ATIV is like. Besides being very easy to use, especially for smartphone novices, the best feature is the dedicated camera key.

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CES Gear Review of Bags: Samsung Galaxy S III/Note 2, iPhone & Droid RAZR HD

For some strange reason tech journalists across the web have decided that readers wan to know what they are taking with them to CES the (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week.

Typical things they reveal are their cameras, smartphones and computers. We have reviewed many of the bags journalists to find the following:

Cell Phones & Smartphones.

It seems obvious to us that all the smartphones used by tech reporters are the ones named in our review of the reviews of the best smartphones of 2012, see video recording shoot-out.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II - if you like the best of all possible tablet and smartphone worlds and have big pockets and pocketbooks the Note II is handy for taking notes, editing photos and being easy to type and write on.
  • Samsung Galaxy S III - the innovative smartphone of the year with a large screen that's easy to see in the busy convention center, the Samsung Galaxy S III is the best reviewed, the most advertised, the most updated and the phone of Olympians.  It is the phone with the most celebrity endorsements, fun tip videos and best parties for owners.

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