Best Droid vs iPhone 5/5S 2103 Now or Later AWS, LTE-A You Ask?

Over the weekend, Walmart permanently reduced the price of the iPhone 5 by $60 which made many to wonder is the next iPhone 5S worth waiting for and if the next Droid will be worth waiting for.

First off, please be aware that there have been no "official announcements" over either product.  There have been leaks of parts of the next iPhone 5 and the next Droid remains a mystery, well sort of.  Here are several questions to ask yourself before making your decision.  Those that lean towards iPhone are marked with an i and those that are Droid are marked with D.

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Droid Landing Droid DNA XL Not: Grandma-Game

Droid Combat

Yesterday, Droid fans and conjrecturatti were all a flutter over the reinstatment of the DroidLanding Twitter account, the account that usually foretells the release of another Droid smartphone.  The rumors turned out be false and the Tweets a game to garner interest in a new game.

Tweets that started with "Surveillance feed live ::: Recon in progress ::: Multiple contacts on the move ::: Observe and report…" Then there was a link to a video trailer from Verizon Wireless for the Droid Combat game.

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Best Top Sellers: GS 4, Droid RAZR M, RAZR MAXX HD, BlackBerry Q10 & HTC One Deals

What are the best selling smarpthones in the world and U.S. today? If you use tools on carrier websites and online retailers you can see what smartphones are the best sellers and maybe why.

The QWERTY is not dead in France, French wireless service , SFR shows that the BlackBerry Q10 is the best best selling smartphone on its network. The BlackBerry Q10 is oustelling theSamsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 520 and iPhone5, when you sort by top selling smartphone. SFR has over 21 million customers and is the second largest carrier in France. What sorts of information can we get from sorting through online smartphone deals?

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Droid DNA Deal Review Update Sign of HTC Oneness with Verizon?

The Droid DNA is a step brother to the HTC One, the newest, fastest smartphone release from HTC. Verizon has not announced if or when it will carry the HTC One. There are signs that there may be another Droid from HTC with HTC One power in the future, if you look at some clues. In the meantime the price of the Droid DNA has been reduced greatly.

There are also unconfirmed conjecturatti rumors that since the Droid DNA is like the HTC One X which will be getting the HTC Sense 5 update that the Droid DNA will receive and update to HTC Sense 5.

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