Samsung GS 4 (Galaxy S) vs iPhone 5 Sales Almost as Fast

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini

Samsung has sold 20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones all over the world according to a Korean news service. Samsung has not officially confirmed the report to news sources in the United States.  The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is not selling as fast as the iPhone 5, however it is the fastest selling Android smartphone, to date.

This report comes one month after Samsung announced that it had shipped 10 million GS 4 and two months from its first release in April.  It is selling 1.7 times faster than the Galaxy S III sold, last year. Last year, there were 20 million  Samsung Galaxy shipped in 100 days.

 Samsung previously reported that sales were not declining.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, zoom, mini & ATIV Summer Rerun

Samsung held a media event in London to introduce new products.  In case you missed it. Samsung has posted a video collage of the event showing the highlights and giving an overall view of the products. The new Samsung devices included the Samsung Galaxy S Active/mini, Samsung Galaxy zoom, Samsung Galaxy NX camera and ATIV tablets.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active - A heftier, stronger, water-proof, dust-proof solid version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with added hardware buttons, reduced 8MP camera with underwater shooting, 5" HD TFT LCD screen, water-resistant earphone jack and new colors(Urban Grey, Dive Blue and Orange Flare).  It will released exclusively from AT&T.

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AT&T Trade-in Deal for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One & More

AT&T is currently running a commercial touting its trade-in deal that will get you 50% off any smartphone up to $199.99.  The company is also offering free activation for a limited time. It is a better deal, however to buy from AT&T directly online. If you act before the end of today, you don't have to pay the $36 activation fee. This is the one of the first times that we've seen prices directly online from AT&T beat online retailers such as Amazon, Wirefly and Lets Talk.

In order to get the 50% off in an AT&T store, you have to bring in a smartphone that is less than three-year's old. If you want 50% off the newest smartphones $199.99 and lower with a two-year contract, you don't have to trade-in any smartphone at all when you buy it from AT&T online directly. Of course you can trade or sell your smartphone on eBay if you prefer.

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Galaxy S 4 (GS 4) & HTC One Google Plays Nexus: 7/9 Release Dates

The Google Play store is accepting preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition as well as the HTC One Google Edition with an expected ship date of July 9. Both models come with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean and will updated directly from Google.  The experience is called the Nexus user experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is priced $649.00 with free ground shipping, plus tax. The HTC One Google Edition is priced at $599.00 with free ground shipping, plus tax. The home screen has a red hue, like what is seen on the Nexus 4.

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Samsung Galaxy of News 2Day: NX Camera, Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini, zoom & Active

Today, Samsung held a press event in London to show off its new Galaxy products, there were no big surprises, since many of the new products were announced previously. Here's a round-up of products announced at the event: Galaxy S 4 mini, Galaxy S 4 zoom, Galaxy S 4 Active and  Samsung Galaxy NX camera. The only non-smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy NX which resembles the Samsung NX300.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera

The Samsung Galaxy NX camera is an interchangeable lens camera, running Android 4.2 and could be the next level for camera control freaks.

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