Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Warranty Exchange if Wet, Once

Agalaxys4activefter a flurry of reports that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active's warranty did not cover water damage, AT&T may soon offer an exchange program.

AT&T has confirmed that if a GS4 Active owner brings in a model with water damage and the it shows no signs of physical abuse it will allow to exchange it once for a working replacement.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Updates AT&T, Sprint & Verizon

galaxyupdateThe Samsung Galaxy S 4  update, currently rolling out to Galaxy S 4 users over the Verizon, Sprint and AT&T networks. The 350MB+ update  allows use of the microSD to store apps (for Sprint and AT&T), fixes glitches and adds other enhancements.

Verizon Update PC/Mac Only

Verizon requires the Software Update Assistant (SUA)  that verifies whether your device has the most recent software. When a software update is available and your device is connected to a PC or Mac with a USB cable, the SUA provides an option to install the most recent device software.  Please make sure your battery is fully charged, and you are receiving a strong Verizon Wireless or Wi-Fi signal before beginning your software update. The Verizon changelog shows many glitch fixes.

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How T-Mobile Jump!, Hate2Wait Free GS 4 & $100 4-Line Families Work

Jump to new upgrades without ETFs for $10 a month. T-Mobile's new Un-carrier twist is Jump!, which enables people to upgrade their phones when they want, up to twice a year as soon as six months from enrollment without an upgrade fee. It begins  July 14 along with a new $100 a month family plan. To illustrate how smartphone owners hate to wait, those who share their #Hate2Wait stories on Facebook and Twitter could be a winner of one of 730 Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone prizes from T-Mobile(see exact entry details below).

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More Galaxy S4 @MetroPCS

Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for MetroPCS in areas where LTE is deployed including Atlanta; Harford, Conn.; Philadelphia; Boston; Las Vegas; San Francisco; Dallas-Ft. Worth; and New York.

Here are some details from the official news release:

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