Top Best Coolest Hottest Verizon Smartphones Holiday Buying 4 SG S3, Droid, DNA, RAZR HD, MAXX & iPhone

Verizon Best Droid Samsung Galaxy S III, Smartpphne

Verizon Best Droid Samsung Galaxy S III, SmartpphneIn 2012, Verizon Wireless introduced many fast large full powered smartphones.  It also stopped subsidizing grandfathered unlimited data smartphones in June and introduced the share everything plan which includes mobile hotspots, but requires shared data to bought in Gigabytes.  We've looked at all the expert reviews throughout the year to create the best smartphones for 2012 for Verizon Wireless.

So far we covered the best smartphones from Consumer Reports, T-Mobile, DT, HTC, Droid, Motorola, Sprint, AT&T,  trends, sales figures and as we approach best for 2012.

Verizon Wireless offers great 4G LTE coverage and good customer service.  It is however one of the most expensive plans especially if you are a heavy data user and don't have grandfathered unlimited data.

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AT&T Best Phones 2012

ATT Top Best Coolest Hottest Smartphones

ATT Top Best Coolest Hottest SmartphonesAT&T was the first carrier to sell the iPhone and still offers subsidized smartphones to customers with grandfathered unlimited data accounts. This year's best smartphones after surveying the top best sources, prorated, offered some surprises and also insight into the wireless business as a whole.

So far, we've completed the best smartphone from Consumer Reports, T-Mobile, DT, HTC, Droid, Motorola, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, trends, sales figures and the best for 2012.

The AT&T best smartphone list is the most varied out of all the carriers.  The list includes the most Windows Phones, two phablets and  many options.  It is also the second list to have two iPhone models in the top ten. AT&T is the only carrier list to include a rugged phone that is - waterproof in 1m for 30 mins.  We also noticed that AT&T offers some the cheapest most powerful smartphones with a contract.

AT&T has extended its return policy for holiday gifts, but not as long as Verizon Wireless' policy.

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Droid RAZR MAXX HD Maxes RAZR M, Atrix HD and Photon Q

Best Motorola Smartphones

Best Motorola SmartphonesMotorola made some of the top contenders for the best smartphones of 2012.  As we countdown to the best smartphone of 2012, here are the best smartphones of 2012 from Motorola.

Previous round-ups include sales figures, surprises, Consumer Reports, DT, best of LG, best of HTC and best T-Mobile smartphones.

The best Motorola smartphones in reverse order by WiMo News' Review of Reviews calculating the results from multiple sources are:

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Best Smartphones: HTC 8x, Droid DNA, HTC EVO 4G LTE & HTC One X

Best HTC Smarpthones 2102

Best HTC Smarpthones 2102In our round-up of the best smartphones of 2012, HTC made a few appearances.  It's interesting to note that many the top HTC smartphones of the year, came out earlier this year.

One wining model is the highly rated Windows Phone HTC 8X for which HTC being a neighbor to Microsoft, does very well.  For audio fans the Beats Audio adds quality to the sound of the smarpthone and is a nice feature for music enjoyment.  Many reviewers like the HTC Sense UI for it's ease of use.  HTC,  last year, had two smarpthones appear in the top ten best hottest smartphones of 2011, the HTC Rezound and HTC EVO 3D.

Here's WiMo News' Results of the Top best HTC smartphones for 2012 in Reverse Order

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