Barack Obama Clings to His BlackBerry - Could Presidental FIrewall Be Strong Enough?

ObamaBlackBerry.pngPresident-Elect Barack Obama said in an CNBC interview "I'm still clinging to my BlackBerry...They're going to pry it
out of my hands."

It has been suggested that due to security concerns that Obama may have to give up his BlackBerry when he becomes president.

Everyone is worried about security. It seems to us, since Obama has such great tech advisers as Google's Eric Schmidt, there's got to be some way for Obama to use a BlackBerry or maybe a G1. Schmidt and his Silicon Valley pals could engineer a Presidential Firewall as strong and resilient as the Great Wall of China. 

Now  Stephanie Clifford of the New York Times writes that his BlackBerry endorsement would be worth $25 to $50 Million Dollars.  Even if he were to get such a sum, it wouldn't even help pay for the new "Stimulus Plan" or bail-out the housing market.  

As we learned from Obama, there is always hope.  Who knows the developer who makes an uncrackable BlackBerry could become the next Secretary of Technology and invent the greatest mobile enterprise device manufactured in the United States.  Not like those other devices made in China (iPhone) and or assembled in Canada (BlackBerry).
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