Wireless and Mobile News Names Top Wireless and Mobile News Stories of 2008


Our list of top wireless and mobile news stories for 2008 reflects a changing world that weathers storms, recalls what doesn't work, helps the poor, debates what is right, and chooses hope.

The Winners of Wireless and Mobile News' Top Stories of 2008 are:

  1.  BlackBerry Storm - stories about RIM's first clickable touchscreen phone were the most widely read on Wireless and Mobile News. Starting off with the BlackBerry Storms' early reviews, followed by its delay, rumors about the firmware being a lower number than expected, online leaking of updates, shortages, and a video of the BlackBerry Storm being knifed without a scratch, showed its strength and fortitude.


  2. Sony Xperia X1 Recall - this Windows smartphone with a stylish case, touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, at first was going to be mentioned on Wireless and Mobile News' sold-out list. Ace reporting, however, revealed that the $799 Sony Xperia X1 was not just hard-to-find but recalled due to carrier compatibility and OS issues.

  3. Free Cell Phones for Low Incomers from Safelink and Tracfone - in a world where cell phones can cost as much as a car, it's nice to see U.S. government funds support free cell phones with features and minutes for low income households in some states.

  4. T-Mobile G1  Walmart Controversy - the T-Mobile G1 Android phone being sold at Walmart was not the core of this story, but the fact the techierazzi made it a controversy.

  5. Barack Obama Txts VP BFF on BB - Barack Obama has endeared himself to Wireless and Mobile News and our readers. His text messaging of his running mate announcement, iPhone app, and his desire to not give up his beloved BlackBerry while in the White House; provided the clicks to make Obama the only human being on Wireless and Mobile News' top story list.