Mobile Tablet Subs to Reach 192 Million in 2017 - LTE Fastest Growing

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1Strategy Analytics reports that  in 2012 there will be 24 million tablets with mobile data subscriptions in the world, equal to 12.5 % of the 192 million tablets.  By the and of 2017 the will be 172 million mobile tablet subscribers.

The firm also predicts that end of 2016, tablets with active cellular data subscriptions will represent 18 percent of the total tablets.
"AT&T and Verizon Wireless saw tablets play a key role in net subscriber additions in Q2 this year," said Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director, Mobile Broadband Opportunities at Strategy Analytics. Service revenues from tablets will be an important incremental growth source for mobile operators, with global tablet service revenues reaching US$15 billion in 2017. Multi-device shared data plans and 4G LTE are key drivers for tablet subscriptions."

LTE will become the access technology of choice, accounting for nearly 68% of mobile broadband tablet subscriptions by the end of 2017.
Mobile data traffic from tablets will surge to more than 2.7 million Terrabytes in 2017, representing an 80.4% CAGR from 2012.

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