New iPhone 5 Buyers Affluent, Unlimited Data Wanted & 4G LTE is VIP

PShared Dataarks Associates offers some interesting insights to the preferences of smartphone buyers. Those with higher incomes are more likely to buy an iPhone 5 and it appears that hardly anyone likes shared data plans while many think 4G LTE is important.

Research shows that people prefer unlimited to limited sharing.  According to Parks and Associates latest study, 40% of those surveyed would prefer to switch carriers then to share data. A series of consumer surveys over the last 12 months—showed that consumers want the unlimited data plan back. When asked about new shared data plans the top reason people don't like them is the cost.

50% of  subscribers surveyed said they would not voluntarily adopt a shared data plan are chiefly concerned about cost and one-fifth said they do not understand the plan. Only 10% said the would adopt a shared data plan if it is the only way to stay with the current carrier.

Previously we showed you how to keep your unlimited data plan with Verizon Wireless, by buying your own smartphone.  Sharing data plans leaves a bad taste in mouth of those in the family whose data gets eaten up by the data hog of the family.
Among those who don’t like shared data, there is an age divide on reasons—people under 44 believe it is too expensive, people 45 and older don’t see the need to share data plan across multiple devices.

Parks Associates also found that nearly 50% of U.S. smartphone users consider 4G/LTE access as very important when choosing a mobile service provider.

On the iPhone 5 front, the iPhone is showing signs of popularity. 34% of U.S. smartphone shoppers from households with an annual income of $50,000-$75,000, surveyed in July 2012, plan to purchase an iPhone. The same percentage plan to buy a Google Android phone, whereas last year, only 24% planned to purchase an iPhone versus 39% in favor of an Android phone.

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