Nexus 4 Whitens on 5/29 Release Date No LG Nexus 5

Those who attended Google I/O did see the ghost of the next Nexus in white which has now been confirmed by LG to be released, first in Hong Kong on May 29.

The white Nexus 4 has the exact same specs as the black version (expect for color) that include Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 4.7" touchscreen, 2GB RAM and quad-core Sanpdragon S4 Processor that sells for $299 with 8GB of storage.

Nexus 4 WhiteThe news release stated "Nexus 4 White delivers the same Google experience to consumers in a stylish and attractive color option.”

White will roll out globally in select markets in Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East over the next several weeks.

Reviewers, overall liked most of the features of the Nexus 4. As we have learned with previous Nexus releases, there may be backlog in ordering and delivery dates.

If you want a white Nexus 4, you'll have to be ready to order and pay with Google checkout as soon as it goes on sale.

The black Nexus 4 is finally back in stock and ships in 1-2 business days.  Since it's release in November 2012, the Nexus 4 has been the top favorite for an unlocked phone because of its relatively low price and high power.

The only draw back is that the Nexus 4 does not work with LTE radios and use HSPA+ data.  The Nexus One and S went into outer space. 

Some believed there will be a Nexus 11 tablet from Samsung and a Nexus 4 like the LG Optimus G Pro in 5" in the future from LG.  However, Kim Wong, LG's European executive said "There are currently no plans for a Nexus 5 made by us. We don’t need that kind of marketing exposure anymore. The Nexus 4 was a great success, even with the supply issues and we have a great relationship with Google. But we won’t make the Nexus 5.”

LG and Google were selling the Nexus 4 at rock bottom prices. LG is currently the third largest smartphone maker with its most recent model the LG Optimus G Pro.

Be patient because, most likely by Google history, the Nexus 4 White will be the realm of a great price and poor customer service, like what occurred for the black Nexus 4 way back to the Nexus One.