Marlee Matlin Signs ASL App Updated 4 iPad & iPhone

marleesigns"Marlee Signs" American Sign Language app has been updated to be used on iPhone as well as the iPad with new features.

 The latest update features:

  • The ability to loop lesson videos, enlarge them, and flip them for left-handed learners.
  • Users can now enjoy the app on both the iPhone and the iPad.
  • Ability to create "Sign Language e-Cards" that can be shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Other features of the Marlee Signs app include:

  • The ability type any word to watch Marlee sign it back.
  • Tthe option to break down lessons to their individual videos for learning at your own pace.

MEDL Mobile, Inc .partnered  with Academy Award-winning deaf actress, Marlee Matlin. Matlin is also working with implementing text-to-9-1-1.

"Marlee Signs" teaches American Sign Language fundamentals using video lessons by Marlee Matlin herself. To date, more than 150,000 users have downloaded the app. The user base is not only active on the app, but has been reaching out to Marlee and to MEDL on Twitter and other social media with requests for feature enhancements.

 "It's deeply rewarding to see many people learning Sign Language with my app," stated Marlee. "I've always been dedicated to helping others learn ASL, so when the fans ask for updates, I'm happy use that feedback to make their learning experience even better."

"Users have been asking for a way to teach ASL to their friends," said Dave Swartz, Co-Founder and CCO. "And the e-Cards use social media to let them share the words and phrases they've learned so their friends can also learn and join them." Swartz continued, "We've seen from other MEDL apps that as much as ten percent of an app's posts to Facebook will spur an additional download of the application. A lot of sharing means a lot of new users."

%The app comes with one free lesson pack in the App Store, with five additional lessons available at $3.99 each.

 You can download the app at