Black Friday through Cyber Monday/Week 2014 best deal predictions for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad & more

BlackFridayCyberMondaydeals2104Black Friday through Cyber Monday in the United States marks a time when a lot of people spend money. It is also a time when wireless contracts typically are up for renewal and when a family decides upon its carrier and smartphones.

Wimo News every year, since 2007 has found the best cheapest deals over the holidays across all carriers. We know it's a little early, but many people are starting to plan their choices and options for staying up all night waiting outside Best Buy, Walmart or Target.


Best Buys from Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the few places we have ever seen discounts on MacBook Pro or Air notebooks, Apple holds its retailers captive when it comes to pricing.

 Update November 23, 2014:The incredible Samsung Galaxy S5 for $1 deal is now live at Best Buy for Black Friday 2014. iPad Air 2 deals are coming and we suspect that will sell out quickly. T-Mobile started its deals. Virgin Mobile has cut prices, already. Verizon deals are on the horizon. AT&T has not announced its daily deals. However, Sprint has some new deals ready

However, where Best Buy usually beats the competition is that they will price match, give you excellent trade-in values and through in a gift card to buy more things at Best Buy. For example over Black Friday weekend those who ordered $500 in items for in-store pickup at Best Buy received $50 gift cards.

Last year, Best Buy offered the Samsung Galaxy S4 for free from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T with a contract and two year activation we suspect they will offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 for free with a contract. A sale ending 10/19 for Best Buy is the  Moto X for $1 with 2-Year Agreement, with free $100 Best Buy Gift Card. The addition of a Best Buy gift card makes the phone -$99.

Sprint has already started offering $100 to switch and some unlimited data deals. They will also buy out your contract.

As far as T-Mobile deals go, you're probably not going to find a recently released top-of-the line smartphone for next to nothing, because T-Mobile has discounted its family contract so deeply.  BUT if you are already in contract and want out, that's were T-Mobile gets really good when you switch to T-Mobile you can get upt to $650 per line towards your  Early Termination Fee.  Perks that T-Mobile offers over the other carriers is are free unlimited 4G LTE music streaming and the no famous Family Plan with 4 lines for $100/month  with 10GB of 4G LTE Data. If you want a top of line smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 that will be an additional $25.40 a month, however there are plenty of low-cost smartphones available.

The Verizon Horizon

Verizon Wireless usually either adds more data or gives an incredible tablet deal over Black Friday to add on to a family share plan. They have alreay begun offering Free Phones with new 2yr activation req'd, including the the iPhone 5C and Droid Maxx. Beginning in the fall Verizon Wireless began offering for a limited began offering more daata on the More Everything Plan .

PrePaid Predictions for Boost and Virgin Mobile

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile usually don't discount their top models by much until the holidays. Last year we saw a $150 reduction for the Samsung Galaxy S3 for Virgin Mobile, we suspect a similar discount for the Samsung Galaxy S4 for 2014. Boost Mobile sometimes throws in the mix a month free or other deals. For example, starting, today Octiber 14, we see Get $55 off Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus a $50 Account Credit For New Customers For a Limited Time Only with Promo Code GS510CJ55 at We expect Boost will want to Boost sales with better deals over Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Virgin mobile has already started with deals in which you have to put in a coupon code for example from October 14-Novemeber 3 "Get an Additional $15 Off the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Total Savings iof $135) Plus a $35 Account Credit for New Customers with Promo Code GS510CJ15 for a Limited Time Only at!, which means we suspect that Virgin will take $100 off the price of the SG 5.

AT&T and Amazon Deals

AT&T over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week offer daily deals with phones as low as one cent. The phones offered are no always the most recent model, but goo deals nonetheless. Tablet combination offers such as Buy any tablet at AT&T with a new 2-yr. data plan and get $100 off.  will be offered.  We also suspect more Samsung Galaxy combos such as buy a Galaxy smartphone and get so much off of Galaxy Gear 2 or Galaxy Tab. used to have the lowest rock bottom prices any where for all carriers, we have noticed a decline in deals for Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile since it did the exclusive Amazon Kindle phone deal from AT&T for free bundled with Amazon Prime service.  We predict a slight price drop in Kindle tablet products of $35 or a bundling deal with a reduced price in Amazon Prime services.

Walmart Lines of Bargains

Walmart as a door buster usually offers some kind of discount on a major electronic.  Bring your sleeping bags and warm hat. Another way to go is either have the item delivered or set it for in-store pick up after the lines are gone. For instance we were Walmart on Black Friday around 9:00 pm at night, it was fairly quiet.  If you figure the most you save sleeping over night in line is $50, you'll have to decide for yourself if line camping is worth it.

This is the first time we've seen an iPad reduction of $50 before Black Friday, Walmart is currently offer  Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi - for $449 at!

Note: These are not actual prices as of this publication.  The predictions are based on studying the sales from previous years, sometimes the retailers get more agressive and offer better deals. Since the competition for wireless carriers is very fierce, we think there will be some very good deals indeed.