How to get the best cheapest wireless deals/iPad Black Friday through Cyber Monday for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & More

BlackFridayCyberMondaydeals2104Along with the tradition of eating too much turkey, Americans have come to find the best wireless, tablet and accessory deals over Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week.

Since the inception of Wireless and Mobile News in 2007, and the year the traffic on Black Friday sent an entire server system down. Every year, we have brought you the absolute best deals over the entire week of Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Some of our links are currently live, however some will not be working until the day of the actual sales.

We at Wireless Mobile News know what kinds of deals you are looking for and will be scouring the ads starting Monday November 24 to get you ready for Thursday Thanksgiving, through Black Friday right through to Cyber  Monday and Cyber Week. We even have information about Verizon's new "Connection Day."

The best deals for we think there will be new phone models will be the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, Moto G and Droid Turbo. Be sure to check all our Black Friday through Cyber Monday -week deals, we will add more daily.

Best Buys at Best Buy

Update 11/21/2014: Best Buy started this morning offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 for only one dollar with a contract.

Probably one of the best places to get wireless and tablet deals without waiting in line will be Best Buy. In fact, Best Buy will start Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving. November 27 at BestBuy.com, Thursday, starting early in the morning. Stores open Thursday at 5:00 pm, however since you can buy things online earlier, it could save you time to order online, often you can pick the item up in the store when thinks are not crazy of have it deliver.

Our source says that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be $1 with a two-year agreement across major carriers as a Doorbuster deal which will also be online. If you go to the Best Buy website, today that deal is not live yet if you look at Samsung Galaxy S5, the price still shows $199.99 with a contract. We're sure there will be good Best Buy weekly cell phone deals

We think there will be some great deals with rebates for the LG G3 for many carriers. The LG G3 has a 5.5 screen 5" Quad HD (2560 X 1440) IPS and 13MP camera.

The other big sale item will be $100 off the iPad Air 2 with a starting price of $399. This is very unusual if you buy an iPad Air at Target, you get gift cards.  Fo saving real money, gift cards require you to buy more merchandise, then you get the credit card bill later. This deal will not start until Thursday morning after midnight Central Time. Last year, Best Buy threw in many extra gift cards to be used at Best Buy that sweetened their deals.  Best Buy deals start according to their headquarters time zone.

NOTE: The DEALS at Best Buy will not be live until very late Wednesday!

 AT&T Jolly Daily Deals

AT&T usually has a different type of sale every day from Black Friday through Cyber Week, we don't have the exact per day deals yet.  The deals are generally in white or red for one cent with a contract. AT&T has an added bonus this year and has  waived the activation fee with online orders (a $40 value until Dec 31, 2014).

The new bonus this year is for NEXT customers who pay for their phones with their plans if you switch to AT&T- get a $150 bill credit (when you add a new line of service with a smartphone on NEXT. Restrictions apply.)  AT&T frequently gives  $100 off all tablets (with a new 2-year data plan at AT&T.).

Right now AT&T has $100 Off when you purchase Samsung smartphones with free shipping, however, we would wait until closer to Black Friday to see what the best deal will be.

NOTE: More AT&T Deals will be updated later.

For  Samsung Galaxy S5, buyers   Best Buy seems like the best deal, yet. However if you really want the premier Droid Turbo Get $100 or more VZW giftcard when you trade in your old smartphone for a new Droid Turbo.

 Verizon Wireless Digital, Droid Turbo Trade-in and No Activation and Tablet Deals $50 Off & More

Verizon Wireless usually over Thanksgiving through Black Friday and Cyber Week has a fabulous tablet deal to add-on for existing customers and this year threw in some free digital content that includes and 1GB of extra data.  It called "Connection Day", the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Digital content and freebies come from Amazon, Apple, Boingo Wireless, Conde Nast, Gogo Technologies, JetBlue and Pandora. Verizon customers must register on Verizon Wireless are eligible to immediately receive 1GB of sharable data on their account.

 There will  Holiday Deals from Verizon Wireless and we do have a great coupon code. We already know that Verizon will offer $100 off all new tablets( New 2 year activation require with free overnight shipping). They are already offering coupon codes for $50 Off Galaxy S5  (New 2-year activation required. Use coupon code VZWDEAL* at checkout and $50 off Select Devices Use coupon code VZWDEAL at checkout, a new two-year activation required.

If your want the premiere Verizon device, the Droid Turbo, your best bet so far isto  turn a working smartphone for $100  gift card and not activation fee. You have to trade in a good working condition  old smartphone for a new Droid Turbo. (a new 2 ear Verizon or Edge activation is required. There are no activation or upgrade fees)

You may have noticed ads that say "Get a $150 credit when you switch to Edge".  The Verizon Edge plans these plans are different than the 'share plans", known as the "More Everything Plans."

With Verizon Edge you can get two lines of service with 10GB of data for $110 a month (before taxes) or four lines of service and 10GB for $140 a month.  For example with the Edge plan you can get the unsubsidized Droid Turbo ($199 with full plan) for $24.99/mo for 24 mos with 0% APRwith the full retail price $599.99. The cost of your device is split into 24 monthly installments, which appears on you, can upgrade to a new device more often than every two years. After 30 days and 75% of the current Edge device is paid off, you are able to upgrade, you have to trade-in your smartphone.


Sprint is showing that you can Get $150 off the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Get $320 off the HTC M8 Harman/Kardon Edition  for a limited time online.  The family share pack (formerly framily) with up to 10 lines, unlimited talk and text and up to 20GB of shared data is very compelling for a large family.  The only catch with the the new family pack is that it is waiving the $15 monthly access charge for 2015 only.

Update 11/23: Sprint announced that starting November 27, Sprint is offering a $200 savings on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 5 Sport for well-qualified customers acquiring the device through Sprint Lease or Sprint Easy Pay.

You can also check their  deals on Sprint.com page. Sprint is offering $100 off when you switch from another carrier. Sprint claims that its buy back program will beat any other carrier's price. You may want to show them that Verizon guarantees $100.

More T-Mobile Deals with Bundles of Bundles

T-Mobile usually offers some kind of special in-store deals the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The T-Mobile plans recently knocked down the data four line plan for $100  to one gigabyte per line.  There will a  Cyber Monday sale with free Shipping We think that as far as getting a discount on a phone we will see some discounts on the web for models of phones that are not the most recent but adequate such as LG Optimus L90 bundle that includes four phones for $360 and SIM cards.

Where T-Mobile gives you great deals is not by the phone price but they offer international data roaming to many countries, free music streaming and free international texting to select countries. The theme we see for Black Friday through Cyber Monday is $49 off some great phones.

Update 11/23 - T-Mobile has started Black Friday deals including $150 off the Samsung Galaxy S5 and $100 of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Currently,  T-Mobile has the  LG G3 at $48 off until November 17. ( Use code: G3DEAL). T-Mobile has already started taking 25% off select accessories. (Use Promo Code: ACC25GIFT.)

We do know that $48 off Sony Xperia Z3 (+ Paid Shipping. Use code Z3DEAL).

$48 off HTC One M8 Windows Phone + paid shipping. (Use code M8SAVE)

 $48 off  the Samsung Galaxy Avant + Paid Shipping. Code AVANTDEAL - this deal is now live and the first deal showing on the Holiday Offers page. The price for the Avant is 23040  which equates to $9.60 additional on the bill at 0% interest and 24 payments takes two dollars of the payment, making it $7.60 a month. The forty-eight dollar discount, makes it easy to calculate it will be two dollars off a month.

People who like to upgrade should note that the JUMP plan may be for you. When you buy a phone or tablet, get a Simple Choice plan, and finance your device through T-Mobile, then enroll in JUMP! for $10/mo and you can upgrade anytime you want. You must trade in your eligible device and T-Mobile will cover your remaining device payments up to half of your device cost. This is the best deal if you have paid for half of your smartphone.

 T-Mobile will have with a special Black Friday deals page November 24-26

 Verizon Wireless Fine Print for Deals - $50 Off Select Devices - Excludes iPhones, Bundles, Tablets, HTC One Remix, Moto X Maker, Kyocera Brigadier, LG G Vista. *The $50 offer is available to new activations, new lines of service on existing accounts and upgrades. The deal can not be combined with any other offers. Excludes iPhones, Bundles, Tablets, HTC One Remix, Moto X Maker, Kyocera Brigadier, LG G Vista & Motorola Droid Turbo.

Sprint fine print - * $100 Sprint offer available when you switch today. Family Share Pack includes a $15 access charge per line/per month, waived through Dec 31, 2015 on 12GB plans and above . High speed is 3G/4G subject to coverage and device. Sprint Double Data promotion available for a limited time-only.