Pre Black Friday Deal Alert: Last day for 4 lines & unlimited (10GB) data for T-Mobile

4linesT-Mobile likes to be in the news. It is releasing it's company earnings this Tuesday and the Twitteratti darling John Legere will be out in hot pink. Since Legere took over the company it has been offering incredible deals to lure away customers from other carriers. T-Mobile added 17.2 million subscribers 52% over 2012 and more than 5o million, mainly due to undercutting the competition with its four lines and 10 GB data deal which is set to end today, October 28.

The earnings call will be a little different people can Tweet questions.  T-Mobile claims it is applying its Un-carrier approach to quarterly reporting. Scripted remarks will be kept to a minimum in order to provide more time for free-flowing dialogue with analysts, investors, and media on the call. The company will also take questions via Twitter at the company’s new IR handle: @TMobileIR.

Update November 23, 2014: The incredible Samsung Galaxy S5 for $1 deal is now live at Best Buy for Black Friday 2014. iPad Air 2 deals are coming and we suspect that will sell out quickly. T-Mobile started its deals. Virgin Mobile has cut prices, already. Verizon deals are on the horizon. AT&T has not announced its daily deals. However, Sprint has some new deals ready.

T-Mobile also pays for Early Termination Fees when you trade your phones at T-Mobile. T-Mobile claims it gives the best value old phones compared to other major national carriers, but also pays your family’s Early Termination Fees (ETF) with a prepaid Visa card.

T-Mobile has been aggressively offering sensational deals and promotions this year from paying Early Termination Fees.  Legere, Monday night, noted that the iPhone 6* is a big seller at the conference. It's not clear what Legere will do this time. He tweeted "Our competitors should be shaking in their overpriced boots!"

T-Mobile's best offer of all time is the four lines and 10 GB data (2.5GB per line per month until 2016)offer which ends Tuesday October 28. You will still be able to get four lines for $100, however all we know is that the advertising will stop offering the 10 GB of data. T-Mobile will still offer Family Plan: 4 lines for $100/mo.

We assume since T-Mobile headquarters is on the West Coast the 4 line 10GB offer will be valid online until midnight PDT, Tuesday. Therefore if you have been sitting on the fence and have a family of four that you want to get out of another carrier, you could sign up Tuesday for your best deal and then you have 14 days to cancel the lines and hop on to the better deal if it is exists.

When the 4 line 2oGB of data deal started it was set for a limited time only.

T-Mobile will still have a it's web only pre-owned phone deals, single line  unlimited talk + text + web ($50/mo).  If you are not sure about T-Mobile you there's a free 7-day test drive.  Other special offers from T-Mobile include free unlimited 4G LTE music streaming.

T-Mobile is still offering Get Unlimited Data and Text in 120+ countries and destinations, all at no extra charge, as well as free in-flight texting on GoGo flights. We could not confirm if T-Mobile's Web only After hour Sales: 3 – 11:59 PM PST

T-Mobile is also trying to shake up the FCC, it petitioned the FCC to increase the reserve of low-band TV spectrum that’ll be auctioned off in the near future.  Then the FCC has decided to delay the 600MHz TV spectrum auction initially planned for 2015, due to an impending court case.