Talk of Hands Free New Speech Control of Bluetooth

Soon you can phone home by talking to your Bluetooth headset. Forget about pressing buttons, just tell your phone what to do. The software is ready to go, and awaiting chips and manufacturing. This wireless hocus pocus was developed by Sensory Inc. The headset speaks the number of an incoming call and ask if the user wants to accept it. The user can answer yes or no to accept the call.

Headsets using the technology will be able to understand the user in most cases except where there is lot of ambient noise such as inside a car or at Disco night.

Sensory's FluentSoft speech recognition technology now available on CSR's BlueCore5-Multimedia

          <p>Cambridge, UK- 18 September 2007....CSR (CSR.L) today expanded its portfolio of software enhancements

for the BlueCore5-Multimedia platform with the addition of Sensory's
award winning speech recognition software to CSR's eXtension Partner
Programme. The FluentSoft™ Bluetooth Suite from Sensory will allow
CSR's customers to integrate speech control and command functions to
Bluetooth mono and stereo headsets and hands-free car kits.

FluentSoft is the first speech recognition software to be integrated
into CSR's BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon - representing a Bluetooth
industry first as well - and is a big step towards a fully hands-free
approach to communication. Manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets and
hands-free kits can now implement a vast array of voice-activated
operations, many not practical or user friendly with button pushes,
including call control and dialing, battery level and connection
checks, pairing, audio settings adjustment, and playback and control of

To further enhance device user
friendliness, Sensory's SX speech synthesis is included, enabling
professional high quality real time voice prompts and confirmations,
answers to status queries such as battery check, and to provide useful
help guidance on device operations such as pairing. FluentSoft is
speaker independent with no end user training necessary, supports all
primary world languages, and enables OEMs to easily customise the user
interface, command vocabulary, and voice prompts to create a unique,
differentiated experience for their customers.

eXtension Programme is the only initiative of its kind in the industry
and is built on the capability afforded via CSR's proprietary Kalimba
DSP platform that is built into BlueCore5-Multimedia. Working with the
world's leading third-party software vendors, CSR has delivered a wide
range of software plug-ins for the on-chip DSP, further reducing design
cycle time whilst allowing enough power to support future software

BlueCore5-Multimedia offers superior sound
quality for headset applications with a best-in-class signal to noise
ratio of -95dB. BlueCore5-Multimedia also leads the industry for power
consumption and radio design. The radio transmits at +8dBm and receives
at -90dBm which eliminates interference when listening to music or
taking a call. When used in stereo headset applications,
BlueCore5-Multimedia enables industry leading battery life of more than
12 hours of music playback.

"Sensory is proud to be
working with the leading Bluetooth silicon provider to enable more
feature rich and user friendly products," said Sensory Inc. CEO Todd
Mozer. "Without speech recognition, product designers have been
constrained in form factor, features, and user interface. Our
FluentSoft Bluetooth Suite ported to the popular BlueCore5-Multimedia
unleashes designers' creativity to add custom features, and deliver a
user experience that was not possible before."

Murray, Senior Vice President of CSR's Wireless Audio Strategic
Business Unit commented, "Bluetooth mono and stereo headsets are
decreasing in size, and speech recognition overcomes the challenges
faced by a more limited user interface." Murray added, "Having Sensory
as a CSR eXtension Partner is also good news for the automotive market,
as we can now provide a single-chip solution with Bluetooth technology
and speech recognition, considerably reducing manufacturing costs of
hands-free car kits and embedded Bluetooth designs."

is a proven market leader in speech technology for consumer products
and FluentSoft marks its fifth generation speech recognition software
solution. Sensory launched the world's first commercial speech
recognition IC in 1995 and has shipped over 50 million units worldwide
to leading consumer OEMs.

CSR is the leading global provider of personal wireless technology and
its product portfolio covers Bluetooth, FM receivers and WiFi
(IEEE802.11). CSR offers developed hardware/software solutions, based
around its silicon platforms, that incorporate fully integrated radio,
baseband and microcontroller elements.
CSR's customers include industry leaders such as Apple, Dell, LG,
Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, RIM, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TomTom and
CSR has its headquarters and offices in Cambridge, UK, and offices in
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, France, Denmark, Sweden and both
Dallas and Detroit in the USA.
More information can be found at

About Sensory, Inc.
Sensory, Inc. is the leader in speech technologies for consumer
products. Sensory is a profitable private company offering a complete
line of IC and software-only solutions for speech recognition, speech
synthesis, speaker verification, music synthesis and more. The
company's products are widely deployed in consumer electronics
applications including telephones, home automation, toys, remote
controls, automotive, security, and learning aids. Sensory's customers
represent the leaders in consumer electronics, including such companies
as Hasbro, JVC, Kenwood, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Uniden and Sony.
Sensory, Inc. is located at 575 N. Pastoria Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085.
Additional Sensory offices are located in Portland, Hong Kong, Tokyo
and Vienna. The company can be found on the web at