Nokia Honors 8 Mobile Apps

Nokia recognized exceptional mobile application developers
in its 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series program. The developers recognized
today for the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series are:

Plusmo - Plusmo is a leading provider of standards-based
mobile widgets that deliver rich personalized experiences for consumers on a
broad range of mobile devices. Supported by the Web Run Time availability for
S60 3rd Edition devices, the light-weight Web applications are developed using
the same well-known web technologies used to create Web pages - AJAX,
CSS, XHTML and JavaScript. Plusmo makes it
easy for mobile users to develop widgets for their mobile phones, enabling them
to extend social networking, track live sports, get news updates, watch videos,
and play games through their mobile phones and PDAs virtually anywhere,
anytime. For more information, visit: http://www.plusmo.com.

Whrrl - Whrrl is a location-based social discovery tool that
gives users access to more than 6.5 million points of interest in the U.S.
using Nokia's Assisted-Global Positioning System (A GPS)
service. Melding the capabilities of in-depth location data and social
networking, Whrrl enables mobile users to organize everything they and their
friends know about people, places, and events and have that information at
their fingertips on their mobile device. A Java application that easily runs on
the S60 platform, Whrrl helps mobile users answer questions like, "Where
should we go for dinner tonight?" or, "What fun stuff can I do around
here?", whether in their home town or traveling. For more information,
visit http://www.whrrl.com.

Qik - Qik is a multimedia communications service that
enables users to stream video, audio and IM live over the Internet, from S60
3rd Edition devices to any PC, laptop or mobile device that has Internet
connectivity. Qik enables users to share moments of their life directly from
their cell phones with their friends, family and the world - by pointing their
phones and streaming video live to friends on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and
other sites. Qik users can also use their cell phone like a camcorder and
stream hours of video over their phone's cellular network, without worrying
about storage on the cell phone. For more information, visit: http://www.qik.com.

WebMessenger Mobile - WebMessenger provides a native Symbian
client application for Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) that
extends OCS functionality to Nokia S60 devices. WebMessenger Mobile for
Microsoft OCS on Nokia S60 enables mobile professionals to achieve the same
collaboration and productivity opportunities in the field that they experience
in the office. Microsoft OCS manages all real-time (synchronous) communications
including instant messaging, , audio and video conferencing. Microsoft OCS also
powers presence, a key benefit of Microsoft unified communications that unites
all the contact information stored in Active Directory with the ways people
communicate. For more information, visit: http://www.webmessenger.com.

- Advanced Wireless Solutions' Backup-Pal, provides
a solution to the problem of data loss resulting from lost, stolen, and damaged
cell phones, as well as data transfer problems associated with cell phone
upgrades and switching carriers. An external storage device that fits in the
palm of the hand and backs up and restores personal information directly,
Backup-Pal supports all S60 and Series 40 devices with mini, micro, or Pop-port
interfaces. It also supports migration from other platforms, such as Motorola,
Samsung, and others. Contacts and other personal information are safely
transferred thus keeping personal information private and secure. For more
information, visit: http://www.backup-pal.com.

Hava Mobile Player - Hava Mobile Player is a TV "place
shifting" application that leverages Monsoon Multimedia's Hava device to
lets mobile users watch live home TV or their own recorded content on their
mobile device, wherever they may be. Monsoon Multimedia provides advanced,
standards-based multimedia products and technologies for the PC and Consumer
Electronics industries and licenses its highly optimized multimedia solutions
comprising applications, drivers, frameworks, middleware and reference designs.
For more information, visit: www.myhava.com
and http://www.monsoonmultimedia.com.

JoikuSpot - JoikuSpot is a free mobile application that can
be installed directly onto a 3G connection-enabled S60 3rd Edition device to
turn a user's 3G mobile connection into their own secure WLAN hotspot,
virtually wherever they are - whether stationery or in a moving train or car.
JoikuSpot also enables the S60 device to act much like a wireless router,
letting multiple WLAN-enabled devices that are authorized by the S60 device
user to share in the Internet connection that it provides. JoikuSpot was
developed by Joikusoft Oy Ltd. is a privately held company headquartered in
Garden City, Espoo, Finland, founded specifically to bring its innovative WLAN
solution to market. For more information, visit: http://www.joikuspot.com.

UbiSafe - UbiSafe is a location-based services (LBS)
application built on Java technology that enables mobile device users to easily
address their own personal security and emergency needs, as well as those of
family, friends and individuals with special needs, such as children, the
elderly and invalids. UbiSafe relies on a master Web interface in tandem with a
Java-based client residing on S60 devices to let users monitor the real-time
location of contacts on maps. UbiSafe lets parents or a caregiver, for example,
set a geographic security radius or "safe" area within which a child
or individual with special needs should remain, and alerts the user via SMS if
the child or individual moves beyond the designated area. UbiSafe was developed
by UbiEst S.p.A., a leading location-based services company founded in 2001 in Treviso,
. For more
information, visit: www.ubisafe.com.

The Forum Nokia Innovation Series was launched by Nokia in
late-2007 as an ongoing developer discovery, selection and go-to-market
program, designed to support small- to mid-sized mobile developers as they
strive to bring applications and services built to run on Nokia device
platforms to the global mobile marketplace.

Among the benefits to developers, the program offers
marketing and promotional assistance to create and increase general marketplace
awareness of their application among consumers and within the mobile industry.
It also provides assistance with placement of the application in Nokia and
Nokia partner distribution channels and delivers informed feedback to the
developer on industry and consumer considerations involving application
features, functionality and distribution.