$150 Per Text Paid to Timberland Text Getters from Lawsuit

A settlement has been reached with GSI Commerce, Inc. and The Timberland
Company in a class action lawsuit relating to the alleged transmission
of unsolicited text message advertisements to the cell phones of
consumers nationwide.

The $7 million dollar fund will provide a $150 cash
payment to each class member who files a valid and timely claim, unless
the number of approved claims exceeds the fund.

The settlement further provides a donation in the amount of $200,000 to
a local charity.

Class members are encouraged to visit www.TimberlandTextSettlement.com
to learn more details about the settlement and how to apply for a
settlement payment. Class members may also call the claims administrator
at 1-800-207-0343 or class counsel at 1-866-541-0323.