Boost New Rate 10 Cents a Minute

boostMoblie_logo.gifBoost Mobile has launched a new low flat rate of 10
cents per minute for all calls, no matter what time of day, for its Pay
As You Go Basic Plan. Their website has a poetic explanation:

Just a dime, all the time.
a Basic PAYGO customer, you will be charged just one low rate of
10c/minute, anytime - day or night. You can also send and receive
standard text messages for just 10¢ per message.

Boost Walkie-Talkie is a $1/day. Boost Mobile offers pay by the minute, day and month pricing

"No traveling charges, no long distance charges
and no peak/off-peak per minute pricing... it's simple to understand
and a great value," said Neil Lindsay, vice president of marketing,
Boost Mobile.