Captioned Phone Conversations for Hearing Impaired from WebCapTel On The Go

Sprint now offers
WebCapTel On the Go, a new, free mobile web-based service that
allows hard of hearing customers to read word-for-word captions on
Windows Mobile 6 Web browsers. The service is also compatible with the Safari 2.0 Web browser. This new
service is expected to help an estimated 30 million Americans with
hearing loss.

With Sprint WebCapTel On the Go, users can make calls using two
phones -- reading captions on a wireless phone and listening and
speaking on a second phone. Prior to making a call, the user would log
onto on one mobile device to read text captions
of what the other party is saying. For more information on Sprint's
wireless devices and select plans, go to the Sprint Relay Store at

Sprint WebCapTel On the Go is an extension of Sprint's existing
WebCapTel service, which also provides captions during phone calls,
but requires a computer with an Internet browser of Internet Explorer
7.0, Firefox 3.0 or Safari 2.0 on which to display the captions. This
new and free service is available almost anywhere as long as the
wireless device is equipped with Windows Mobile 6 or an Apple Safari
Web browser. Sprint WebCapTel On the Go changes spoken words and
sounds heard on a telephone into words to read.

This free service is available for customers anywhere in the
United States and within U.S. Territories. However, calls to or from
international locations, such as Canada or Mexico, are not available.
To learn more about this free service, visit or