Quick Messaging Texter Phones from AT&T

AT&T will offer a new
line of quick messaging mobile phones that are designed to make
messaging faster. Arriving in time for the
holiday shopping season, the Pantech Matrix is available today and the Samsung Propel and Pantech Slate will hit stores in late October, followed by the AT&T Quickfire in November.

All four new mobile phones feature full QWERTY keypads, allowing
everyone from newbie messengers to textaholics to send text, picture,
video and instant messages with ease. The new phones allow customers to
quickly and discreetly access all those useful letters and numbers.

All quick messaging phones are compatible with AT&T's messaging
plans that offer 200, 1,500 and unlimited messaging for $5, $15 and
$20, respectively. AT&T FamilyTalk® plan customers can get unlimited messaging for all lines for $30.

Users of the new devices can also browse and purchase thousands of
apps, games, ringtones, graphics and other mobile content in the
AT&T MEdia Mall, available from their handsets and also online at www.att.com/mediamall.

"As texting continues to win over more people, unlimited messaging
plans become even more valuable for customers and their families," said
Mark Collins, vice president of Consumer Products for AT&T's
wireless unit. "These phones are perfect for our customers who want a
full keypad to help their fingers fly faster when they send messages
but don't need corporate e-mail access or other smartphone features."