Sony Style Stores - Stylish and Tech Supportive


Wireless and Mobile News was invited to the opening of the Sony Style store, located at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, California.

For people who like very stylish electronics and expert service, visiting a Sony Style store is worth a trip. Sony electronics look very good in person, especially the screens. They offer training and concierge services to their customers. We particularly liked the pink notebook computer with a built-in webcam.

We were also told that you will able try out the unlocked Sony Xperia smartphone in Sony Style stores, in early November.  We always recommend that phone buyers try out their phones first.

Currently, Sony Style stores are showing the new Sony Reader Digital Book. The new model, PRS-700, incorporates an interactive touch screen display on an an liquid ink technology display.

“The new Reader Digital Book allows consumers to carry the reading material they want in a convenient format that fits into their on-the-go lives.,” said Steve Haber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading Business Division.

The Sony Style stores will be the first place where consumers can test drive, as well as pre-order, the new Reader beginning next week.

“Giving consumers the opportunity to get a hands-on demonstration of the latest Sony technologies is what the Sony Style stores are all about,” said Dennis Syracuse, Sony’s senior vice president of retail. “The stores offer shoppers an educational experience where they can become comfortable with our products and really understand how they add value to their lives.”

At the stores, shoppers can see demonstrations of products, get comfortable with their functionality, or attend an educational seminar led by an in-store expertrt.

Backstage Services are available in-store and are provided by Backstage Service Agents. The service includes new VAIO PC Set-up, PC trade in, software installations, memory upgrades, post-sales PC service and repair facilitation for VAIO PCs and select consumer electronics products

The PRS-700 will be available for purchase at Sony Style stores, and through authorized retailers next month for about $400.Information about Sony Style stores can be found at