iPhoners More Comfortable with Ads, Use More Maps, Apps and $$$ Trans than Smartphoners, Says TNS Compete

TNS Compete is now offering Smartphone Intelligence. Their news release states that this infornation "unlocks the secrets of iPhone's success."

Key inaugural findings include:

  • iPhone owners are twice as likely as other smartphone owners to be
    comfortable with advertising within the applications on their device.
  • 33 percent of iPhone owners use maps and GPS more than ten times a month, compared to 13 percent of smartphone owners.
  • Almost twice as many iPhone owners than smartphone users complete
    at least one financial transaction on their mobile device each month.
  • 93 percent of iPhone owners have added an application versus only 66 percent of smartphone owners.

Smartphone Intelligence
delivers behavioral and survey-based insights on iPhone and other
smartphone users. This provides carriers, handset manufacturers and
marketers with a complete picture - through comprehensive quarterly
data and recommendations - of how to reach mobile consumers effectively.

"The iPhone has raised the bar for mobile interactivity, and this
has sparked tremendous creativity by other manufacturers, carriers and
advertisers on the mobile platform," said Ryan Burke, managing director
of telecommunications and media. "Our inaugural results show that there
is a real opportunity for the industry to reach and engage consumers as
they use their phones. Not only are iPhone users downloading more
applications and doing more on their phones, but owners of these
devices are also more receptive to advertisements; something that
marketers, carriers and OEMs should consider when devising their

"It's quite apparent that consumers are more ready than ever to
embrace mobile devices into their daily lives. What isn't as apparent,
however, is the responsibility the mobile industry has to get their act
together and make use of this," said Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch.

About Smartphone Intelligence

TNS Compete's Smartphone Intelligence combines consumer insights
(through surveys) with behavioral data (through online click stream
data) to reveal how smartphone owners are using their phones, the sites
they visit on the Web and what they like and dislike about their phone
and internet experiences. Smartphone Intelligence subscribers will
receive comprehensive quarterly reports with fresh data about
smartphone use and behavior, as well as actionable recommendations
tailored to their business.

Smartphone Intelligence also enables clients to go deeper with
custom research addressing specific business questions relevant to
unique segments of smartphones owners. Today's findings, for example,
reveal that iPhone users are more receptive to ads than users with
other smartphone owners. Is this because of the device or because of
the typical profile of the iPhone user? Only TNS Compete can bring in
the online behavior of millions of consumers through click stream data
to help answer these questions.