Motorola Tested 700MHz LTE with Video Streaming & Big Data Apps

Motorola has completed the industry's first
over-the-air Long-Term Evolution (LTE) data sessions in the 700MHz
spectrum using its LTE Radio Access Test Network and LTE eNode-B
platform with a prototype LTE device. This testing was achieved
in Motorola labs and at an outdoor location in central Illinois.

sessions included mobile video streaming and various high data rate
applications. The demonstrations also included execution of
applications priority which guarantees throughput using quality of
service (QoS) aspects of the LTE standards. The
lower frequency bands provide better coverage and in-building
penetration, which is a requirement for many mobile operators. In North
America, the 700MHz spectrum auctioned earlier this year is part of the
worldwide "digital dividend" - spectrum in the 470-862MHz bands that
has been freed by the switch from analog to digital TV. The digital
dividend is viewed by mobile operators in the U.S., Europe, and much of
the rest of the world as a valuable resource as existing and new mobile
broadband networks quickly consume current spectrum allocations and
operators are pushed towards providing connections to rural areas.

Europe digital dividend spectrum encompasses the current TV broadcast
790-862MHz bands. It is expected to be auctioned between 2009-2012,
coinciding with mobile operators' plans to deploy LTE.

flexible LTE eNode-B architecture can be tailored to meet each
customer's specific requirements by using frame based-mounted radios
and remote radio heads. This design allows many spectrum bands to be
supported in the early stage of LTE and accommodates a wide variety of
LTE deployment scenarios across newly available spectrum as well as
existing GSM, UMTS and CDMA bands. The 700MHz radio head for example,
can be modified to operate in 790-862MHz to provide operators a
solution to deploy LTE in the "digital dividend" spectrum as soon as it
becomes available in the various regions.

For more details about Motorola's LTE solutions please visit: www.motorola.com/lte and www.motorola.com/experiencelte