AT&T Offers TeleNav Vehicle Tracker

TeleNav Vehicle
Tracker  is now offered through AT&T’s enterprise mobility services.
Vehicle Tracker is a GPS-enabled device that is hard-wired or embedded
onto a vehicle. It helps monitor and manage fleet operations.

Once installed,
TeleNav Vehicle Tracker powers up and is active without any
additional driver interaction or resources.”

TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is accompanied by TeleNav’s
secure, password-protected and web-based management console. Managers
can log ontot he site and view the location of each vehicle in the

The Webconsole also provides:

  • Historical mileage and breadcrumb reports that help
    organizations analyze fleet performance in order to improve
    productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Notifications to managers
    via email or SMS when employees violate a company policy for vehicle
    speed, stop time or mileage
  • Detailed information about vehicle
    activity, including whether the engine is turned on or doors are open

“TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is the ideal solution for any business
that needsto monitor and track vehicles,” said Sal Dhanani, co-founder
and seniordirector of marketing for TeleNav. “This product combines GPS
and Webtechnologies to make mobile resource management an affordable
solution forany business, from large fleets to small plumbing

The TeleNav Vehicle Tracker device is $399.00, with a
monthlyservice charge of approximately $34.00 per device (additional
taxes and fees apply) with qualified AT&T data plan and TeleNav
Vehicle Tracker service plan rates. Customers also pay a one-time setup
fee of $19.99 per unit and $18.00 data plan activation fee. Volume
pricing may be available.For a free consultation or to order TeleNav
Vehicle Tracker, please