FCC Free Broadband Vote Delayed

The FCC was supposed to vote on very important wireless decisions on December 18, but not any more.

The vote have been delayed on the Auction of the Advanced Wireless Services 3, 2175-2180MHz band to a
bidder who would roll out a national, free broadband service with the
porn filtered out.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Sen. John Rockefeller, (D-W.Va.), and Rep. Henry Waxman, (D-Calif.),
who will chair the Senate and House committees overseeing the FCC next
year, earlier Friday sent a letter to Mr. Martin asking him to cease
actions on controversial policy proposals. . ."We received the letter
from Senator Rockefeller and Congressman Waxman today and spoke with
other offices," said FCC Spokesman Robert Kenny. "In light of the
letter, it does not appear that there is consensus to move forward and
the agenda meeting has been canceled."

M2Z networks has letters and suggestions to get the initiative passed.  Many people doubt that it will ever get passed because the carriers oppose the competition.