3 Mobile Ways Traffic.com Helps Navigate Traffic for Free

Trafficheader.jpgTraffic.com, a NAVTEQ brand and a leading source of traffic solutions has many free ways to help navigate traffic when traveling this weekend.

Traffic.com Mobile Website- mobi.traffic.com, a free mobile traffic website that offers fresh information about traffic hotspots -- everything from travel times and vehicle speeds to delay times and accident reports -- via a web-enabled wireless device, a free wireless website for mobile traffic hotspot reports. The drive time calculator appears to be very accurate.  You can login to yoru traffic.com account to view preset traffic situations.  Please note you can not do this while driving in the state of California starting today.

Traffic.com Text Alerts- - A free**SMS text messaging service, which alerts you to delays on the roadways of major cities across the country. **Cell phone Service Provider fees may apply.
Traffic.com Hotline -- 1-866-MY-TRAFC (1-866-698-7232), a toll-free traffic hotline that puts updates about traffic conditions as close as a speed dial button
on any cell phone.  You talk to a very nice man who unfortunately could
not understand my voice when I asked for traffic information today on
Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.  It appears you are better off to login on
your computer, set preferences then log in via your phone for updates.
Traffic.com online had this alert, "Orange Grove Blvd/Colorado Blvd off
ramp is closed due to incident
(details to follow) - due to Rose Parade - SigAlert in effect until
approximately 3pm.  It also showed the Rose Bowl Game.

The next time I called, in the middle the information, I had to listen to a commercial and then was notified of the traffic jam due to the Rose Parade.

"This holiday season, good things come in threes: Traffic.com by
phone, mobile web, and text message," says Alex Wiegand, vice
president, NAVTEQ. "

Once you register for the services, you can get morning commute information via email.