iPhone Pre-Activated by AT&T / Will be Sold at Walmart 12/28

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC
Attention Walmart shoppers, you will not be able to get your iPhone along with your laundry detergent until December 28.  Originally some store associates said iPhones would be sold on December 15. Wireless Week today reported Walmart employees are being trained for that busy Sunday after Christmas.


For those who are worried about having to go to an AT&T outlet to activate your iPhone, Gadgetell has confirmed that when you buy an iPhone from AT&T online you get it delivered with it already activated. You can order AT&T iPhone 3G - 16 GB or 8 GB model online at AT&T

If you buy an iPhone from an Apple store, however, you will have to have it activated at the Apple Store.

The first model of the iPhone could be activated via iTunes connected to a home PC.  The system was changed with the iPhone 3G to prevent un-locking  and jailbreaking of the iPhones for "other" uses.