Local 10-Digit Numbers for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users from Sprint

Sprint now offers "Call Now' service for deaf and hearing-impaired users.  It lets Sprint Relay Customers receive calls through their personal 10-digit local phone number. The services include video viewing and instant messaging.

Sprint announced the availability of local, 10-digit phone
numbers for internet-based Relay (IP), Instant Messaging Relay (IM),
Video Relay Service (VRS) and Federal VRS customers. These services are used by deaf and hearing-impaired users.

Sprint Relay's
'Call Now' service allows IP and VRS users to be assigned a local
10-digit phone number to receive calls directly and make 911 calls based
on their geographic location.

Callers will no longer be required to dial
a toll-free number to reach Sprint Relay users. VRS numbers are
available now and IP numbers will be available on Dec. 31, 2008. Federal
VRS and Federal Relay Online also will have 'Call Now' numbers prior to
March 31, 2009.

With 'Call Now,' Sprint Relay users can be contacted directly by their
family, friends and colleagues by dialing their personal 10-digit phone
number and will automatically connect with a Relay operator or VRS
interpreter. In addition, customers can set up their account profile
including their physical address with city, state and zip code. The
account profile will be ready for VRS or IP relay users to make 911
emergency calls.

Beginning Dec. 31, 2008, users will be required to register their
physical location information and submit a request for a 'Call Now'
number through Sprint Relay before the 10-digit number is assigned.
Sprint Relay customers can register their personal 10-digit number for
Sprint Relay VRS or Sprint IP and IM Call Now Number at www.sprintrelay.com.