Phenom Watch Phone Phenomenon - Phenomenal Response

SpecialOPS1.jpgThe response to Phenom Watch Phone  has been pheonomenal, says  Jane Levitt directory of marketing. "We've gotten thousands of calls for information and orders. Our website traffic has been extensive."

This is no single watch watch phone, like the LG watch phone, reported yesterday. Phenom Watch Phone
offers an entire product line, designed for different personalities,
including the young, old, stylish, athletic, male or female. There are
currently a total of 24 different models.

The company performed detailed research and focus groups, finding out
exactly what people want from a watch phone. Yes, women and girls do
like pink. Tweens and teens love the whole concept.

SpecialOPS.jpgSporty.jpg"Our sales people say it's the best reaction they've ever seen. One guy told me he was at a large family gathering and one of the teenagers got so excited about the Phenom Watch phone, he took it immediately and started calling everyone in the room that had a phone on them,. He took pictures and pretending he was a secret agent," noted Levit.

All the Phenom Watch Phones come with the basics need for any secret agent, athlete or fashion fiend:

  • Unlocked GSM cell phone 
  • Watch Phones are either tri or quad band.
  • MP3 & MP4 - for music and video .
  • 1.3 megapixel digital and video camera (most models).
  • Micro SD Card - up to 2 GB memory.
  • Built-in Bluetooth.
  • Bu ilt-in Speakerphone
  • Download and upload files via USB.
  • Matching corded earphones (some models)


We asked what firmware was used on Phenom Watch Phones. We guessed Java, but we were wrong they are loaded with a propriety operating system.

Here some of the different styles of Phenom Watch Phones and the personalities they cater to:

1. SpecialOPS - Great for dads, gadget freaks, and teens, the SpecialOPS has a touch screen and features an external key right on the wristband.
2. Stylista - Girls in their teens and tweens love this stylish pink model which is framed by external keys around the screen.
3. G-Force - Specifically for tween/early teen boys who love the futuristic design
4. Sporty - Great for all sorts of sports enthusiasts, this model can be worn on the wrist or around the neck.

Phenom Watch Phone is a product of Phenom Communications Inc., a
technology company that specializes in communications and IT products and services. Based in the United States, with offices in Israel and China, Phenom searches the globe for the latest technology developments. These raw technologies are then brought back to Phenom R&D for further development, design, refinement, and tailoring to meet market standards.