$90,000 Worth Sony Erricsson Phones Stolen in Sweden

sonyEricsson.jpgOver $90,000 worth of stolen Sony Ericsson phones including prototypes were discovered in a home of someone with a "working relationship with the company, reported the Local (Sweden's News in English)

On Wednesday when police searched he 35-year-old
man's home they found 15 different mobile phone prototypes from Sony
Ericsson's development lab, a laptop reported missing from the office and hundreds of other cell phones.

"Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone staff suspected someone within their group. They checked the employee
pass control system and saw that the man has used his employee ID at
the time of the theft," Lund police spokesperson Paul Nilsson told the

The Sony Ericsson representative said the man is not an
employee, but rather has a "working relationship" with the company and
state the exact nature of the relationship  or what he was doing with all those Sony cellphones and smartphones.

Police arrested the suspect and didn't release any information about what the 35-year-old said during the interrogation.

This may be how so many photos of cell phones, smartphones and mobile phones not yet announced appear on the web from Sweden.