Does the Logic Bolt Projector Phone Defy Logic?

boltphoneprojecting.pngLogic is showing what they claim to be the  world's first projector phone at CES is Las Vegas.

The Logic Bolt phone can project an image up to 64 inches across and has a 3 megapixel camera, GPS and a
touchscreen. The Logic Bolt has input jack for other sources including a notebook computer, Xbox or Nintendo.

The phone uses an LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) for the projector with an LED backlight made by Butterfly Technology.


The next version will be revealed at CeBit and be based on the Windows Mobile OS and have the following:

  • Dual: CDMA + GSM Quad Band.
  • Live Video Conferencing while projecting.
  • 4 Times Brighter Projection with Brightness Adjustment.
  • Larger touch screen with slide keyboard.