Apple Also Selling Unsubsidized iPhones for $599 & $699

iphone-gestures.jpgCustomers in Apple stores are now permitted to buy unlimited quantities of iPhones without an AT&T contract, confirmed Fortune.

Customers can buy iPhones without a contract at the full non-subsidized price of $599 for a 8G iPhone and $699 for a 16G model. We called our local Apple store and the iPhones are in stock.  The iPhones come locked to the AT&T network all activation and plans have to be executred through AT&T.

AT&T on the other hand will only sell these no-commitment iPhones to existing customers, one at a time.

Rumors suggest that they are clearing out inventory for the next generation iPhone expected to be announced at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco beginning June 8.

iPhones without a contract can not be purchased online on the Apple website, they require an AT&T plan.