Microsoft App Store Details Revealed, Developers Get 70% Cut


Microsoft detailed how developers can
build and sell applications for Windows smartpones through Windows
Marketplace for Mobile, the app store available with the Windows Mobile 6.5. operating system. Developers will get at 70% cut, no coast distribution, set their own prices and get marketing and guidance from Microsoft.

Tools to begin developing for
Windows phones, go to http://developer.windowsmobile.com.

Developers can also choose to distribute
their application at no cost. Up to five application submissions to the
Windows Marketplace for Mobile is included in the introductory annual
registration of $99 (U.S.). Each additional submission within the
annual period will have a cost of $99 (U.S.).

The registration fee will
be waived for student developers who want to reach Windows phones
customers, through enrollment in the DreamSpark program. Finally,
developers will also be eligible for marketing and sales support from
the Mobility Solutions Partner Program, allowing developers to focus on
their core competency of developing innovative applications.

To help developers there are webcasts, SDK, and a resource kit.

With Windows Marketplace for Mobile available in 29 countries,
developers will be able to tap into a broad international customer
base. At the same time, Microsoft will continue working with developers
to ensure that their applications run optimally on Windows phones by
running a rigorous certification and testing process before
applications go to market. Developers will be able to see detailed
feedback during and after the certification process of their
application on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile developer portal.
Ultimately this enables developers to devote more time to writing
innovative applications, and less time trying to navigate the approval
process. Developers will have access to all details once the
registration doors open in the spring, and will be able to start
submitting their applications later this summer.

Developers can utilize familiar tools and technologies to build
unique experiences for the Windows Mobile platform through Windows
Marketplace for Mobile, including the Windows Mobile 6 SDK, .NET
Compact Framework 3.5.

With more than 20,000 applications already in market, Windows Mobile
is among the most popular platforms for developers. Windows Mobile 6.5,
the next generation of the Windows Mobile operating system, will allow
developers to build innovative mobile applications without having to
learn new skills or programming languages, by leveraging familiar
desktop and server development tools such as Win32, Active Template
Library and Microsoft Foundation Classes (Visual C++), Visual C#,
Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET and asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).