Think Pink iPhone-Rival from Verizon and Microsoft

pinkiphone.jpgThe Wall Street Journal reported that Verizon and Microsoft are working on a new touchscreen phone to rival the iPhone, yearly next year.

While they claim "Verizon has also had discussions in recent months with Apple about
partnering on devices other than the iPhone, people familiar with the
matter say."

The smartphone is code-named "Pink," and it is most likely be based on Windows Mobile with apps from Windows Marketplace. While Microsoft is taking part in the design an outside company will manufacture it.

The Pink project includes staffers from Danger Inc, who designed the software in the

Microsoft inked a search and advertising deal with Verizon earlier this year

PC World reported today that,
""Microsoft's strategy has not changed," a spokesperson said. "It is
and has always been to provide a software platform for the industry. We
work closely with many mobile operators and device makers around the
world because customers want different experiences on a variety [of]