AT&T Reveals New Quick Texting Phones & New Opera-based Web Browser

Propel with Search copy.jpgAT&T will offer new feature phones that feature full web browsers; The Pantech RevealPantech Impact, Samsung Mythic and Samsung Flight for quick messaging phones over the holidays.

The new phones are the first to come preloaded with AT&T’s new richer and faster HTML mobile browser and service, combining the best of full HTML browsing with unique features for personalizing favorite bookmarks and local searches. The new mobile platform utilizes advanced data compression from Opera Software, allowing for much faster delivery of HTML web pages. The browser and browser features were built by Opera using Opera Mini technology. This is the first public announcement of Opera’s partnership with AT&T.

AT&T’s new mobile browser gives customers three windows to the Web. From the homepage, users can easily browse the global Internet as well as assign bookmarks and shortcuts or set other preferences so they have quick access to their favorite content. A second window gives users location-aware local news and weather; one-click results for nearby restaurants, nightlife venues, ATMs and other points of interest; and access to maps, driving directions and traffic information. A third window delivers the latest headlines from popular news, sports and entertainment sites.

Additionally, customers accessing from their PC can customize their mobile page by sending shortcuts to popular websites through a “Send to Mobile” feature.