Nokia Research Westwood Experience in Hollywood Augmented Reality 3D Reality Show in UCLAville


If you want an augmented/mixed reality experience Nokia is bringing one to the town neighboring UCLA, Westwood.

Research Center (NRC), Hollywood, has begun a private pilot of its
research project, the Westwood Experience. The augmented realtiy pilot explores how a narrative, combined with a user's physical location
(context) augmented with digital content as well as social interactions
with other "participants" can enhance the user experience and provide
the media industry with new options and business models.

story unfolds as the participants wander through the village of
Westwood. They learn about a man, and the woman who changed his life
through one magic evening, and how both of them are forever tied to
Westwood. Using the Nokia N900's visual and audio capabilities and
adding physical location elements, mixed reality effects, a live actor
and a physical movie set, the user is guided through the story
interacting with the real world around them.

Westwood Experience may be seen as a new form of "3D reality show".
"Real" streets and buildings provide the story locations for the real
and virtual characters. The audience walks through the story.

has a long history of mobile innovation and is leading the convergence
of mobile and the internet. A natural extension of this is in the media
and entertainment industries. Working with Hollywood talent, such as
writers, designers, actors and composers, NRC Hollywood combines its
mobile DNA and consumer understanding of user interaction on mobile
devices with the creativity and storytelling craft of Hollywood.