Android an' almost Droid Apps 2Day: Google Earth for Android 2.1

earthand3.pngGoogle has released - Google Earth for Android. They claim its is theri fastest mobile version of Google Earth yet, with a smooth framerate and a b 800 x 480 screen. The app only works on Android 2.1 smartphones and on the Nexus One superphone.

Google Earth for Android has a new
Roads layer, that drwas road labels
drawn on top of the satellite imagery. They have also have  included voice recognition. If you search for a location with request, such as "romantic getaway, Lake Tahoe"  and  you will see a map with balloons for the hotel locations.

With Google Earth for Android you can also browse photos, places, and local
businesses, whether it is in your local community or on the far side of
the globe. Click on an icon to see photos, videos, and read about
prominent places in the world. You can easily customize your version of
Google Earth to display the layers that most interest you.
Google Earth for Android  will be available in Android Market
on most devices that have Android 2.1 or later versions. So as devices
such as Droid get updated to Android 2.1, others will also be able to
fly to the far reaches of the globe with a swipe of their finger.

The HTC Droid Eris and HTC Hero are also getting the Android 2.1 Update. At the Nexus release event, Motorola confirmed that they their Android smartphones including the Droid 
Download Google Earth for Nexus One today by searching for Google Earth in the Andr
will be updated to Android 2.1.