AT&T Offers MicroCell to Extend Cell Coverage

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AT&T announced that AT&T 3G MicroCell plans to begin
its national roll out beginning in mid April

 AT&T 3G MicroCell is a fem-to-cell option that allows
residential customers to route wireless phone calls and data connections
(or sessions) across a home broadband connection. This service is for people who are out cell range or don’t have great connections in their home.

AT&T 3G MicroCell is the only femtocell to support both 3G data
and voice services.  Developed in conjunction with Cisco is
available for a one-time cost of $149.99. 

Consumers with AT&T 3G MicroCell will be able to easily activate
the device the same day it is purchased, thanks to easy, self-install
instructions. Technical support is available for customers who need it.

Wireless from AT&T

Consumers manage AT&T 3G MicroCell though their online
MyWireless account online. Through
this online management, only those phones chosen by the customer may
use the MicroCell. Customers may define up to 10 lines to have access
and up to four may operate on it simultaneously. Minutes used through
the MicroCell affect only the account of the phone making the call -
there is no requirement to purchase separate service for the 3G

In addition, AT&T will offer a companion rate plan option for
MicroCell customers - especially customers on Family Talk plans — who
want to supplement their existing voice plans.  For $19.99 a month,
individual or Family Talk customers can make unlimited calls through a
3G MicroCell, without using minutes in their monthly wireless voice

Consumers who select 3G MicroCell calling plans at purchase are also
eligible to receive a $100 mail-in-rebate toward the purchase of
AT&T 3G MicroCell - effectively making the device about $50.
Customers who also purchase a new line of broadband service with
AT&T (DSL or U-verse 1.5MB or higher) are also eligible for $50 via
mail-in-rebate- effectively making the device about $100.  If a customer
is eligible for both rebate options, the customer will be able to get
the device for $0, after mail-in rebate.